Digital Transformation

AgileTech has taken part in applying digital transformation in a variety of startups and experienced how digital transformation has impacted these enterprises. AgileTech could provide consultant services ranging from but not limited to BI and cloud services.

Our Experience Areas

We have assisted customers to develop Digital Transformation in areas:

  • Cloud Server

    • Google Cloud Service

  • Business Intellegent

    • Data Studio

Power BI and Google Data Studio are data visualization software that you can interact with data, analysis, presentation and more.
AI - Big Data

Power BI vs Google Data Studio in data visualization

To better understand their business data, companies use data visualization software. With this Business Intelligence (BI) software, you can interact with data, analysis, presentation and…
AI - Big Data

Future of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in 2019

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been the most discussed amongst other emerging technologies of 2018, adding the extra zing to the coffee breaks of…


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