A Super App platform is many apps within an umbrella app – an Operating System that unbundles the tyranny of services. Take Go – Jek, Wechat, Alipay or Momo, Zalo in Vietnam as typical examples of Super-app. It’s expected that super-apps will inevitably dominate the mobile app trends in the future.

Why Choose Super App?


Attract More Users

Instead of accessing different apps designed for different needs, users will find more convenience when installing and accessing an only app – which, in the long term, would help enterprises gain more users.

Keep Users When Update Apps

You can add new function/ bug fixes/ changes right on the system center, so users don’t have to reinstall the app to update the latest version.
This will create a good experience and minimize the risk of canceling app installation.

Limit Apps Error

Before releasing through CI/CD process, we will run the test thoroughly and review the results. So bugs will be completely fixed before officially launching the app.

High Performance and Security

With cutting-edge technology, Agiletech has built successful SuperApp with high performance and security assured by Blockchain adoption.

Super App

Build All-in-one App For Your Enterprises

Reasons to choose AgileTech as your technology partner:

▫ We have successfully developed Lian Super App – the first automatic insurance app in Vietnam.

▫ High performance and security synchronization with several types of payment gateways offerings.

▫ Strong commitment through the warranty period.

Get Your App Listed In SuperApp Platform

Why you should consider collaborating with our team:

▫ Our intense experience ensures faster integration process and helps efficiently save your resources.

▫ High performace and security guarantee.

▫ Strong commitment through the warranty period.

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