12 App Ideas That Make Money For Start-ups In 2022

Mobile apps have significantly transformed our way of living as they offer so many services including communication, finances, business, healthcare and even more. This means that the mobile app market is an extremely profitable place for businesses in multiple areas.  In this blog, AgileTech shares 12 app ideas that make money, as well as detailed guide to turn your idea into reality. Read on and note down anything that comes to mind!

12 App Ideas That Make Money For Start-ups In 2022

1. 12 App ideas that make money in 2022

1.1.  App ideas that make money: Community for people with the same interest

Everyone has their own set of hobbies and interests. They want to be around people who share the same values, especially on social media platforms like Facebook and Quora. With this in mind, you can create an app that brings together users who share common interests into a single community.

1.2. App ideas that make money: Criminal alert

A criminal alert app can help people stay alert to potential threats and criminals in their neighborhood. Your app may include an alert button to notify the police and GPS features to show the police your location.

Criminal alert apps

1.3. App ideas that make money: Virtual exam study

Group work is an essential activity for students in schools and universities. You can build a virtual exam study app that allows students to meet and prepare for the exam with other students. You can think of study tools, guides, discussions  and free study material as well.

Online Education Apps

1.4. App ideas that make money: Subscription organization

Like a bill and finance management app, a subscription organization aims to help people manage all of their subscriptions. They\’ll be able to easily keep track of their subscriptions and be notified when the next payment is due.

1.5. App ideas that make money: Health care apps 

According to Maslow\’s hierarchy of needs, as life\’s quality improves, people will start to focus more on their health. As a result, apps that include healthcare-related services will always be needed if done properly.

If your users do not have time to visit a hospital, these products could serve as a bridge to connect them with doctors and therapists. All they need to do is enter their conditions or requirements and your virtual or human assistants will help them in solving the problem remotely.

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Health care apps 

1.6. App ideas that make money: Grocery budget planner

Many people enjoy going shopping daily but many of them frequently exceed the budget. In consequence, they don\’t have a single penny to use. A grocery budget planner, on the other hand, allows users to shop without fear of wasting their money. Meanwhile, it could serve as an item checklist tool to help users remember what they need to buy.

1.7. App ideas that make money: Food Donation App

Many restaurants, event planning companies and catering companies have a lot of extra food that they don\’t want to give away because it would cost them more money and add more responsibility. It might be a good idea to create an app that takes leftover food from restaurants and distributes it to hungry people. This will prevent food from going to waste and help feed people who are hungry.

Food Donation Apps

1.8. App ideas that make money: Fitness App

A fitness app that allows individuals with similar workout schedules and habits to form teams and track each other\’s progress by submitting what workouts they did as well as how many reps they completed per exercise. This app also includes a chat feature, allowing teammates to communicate about exercises even if they are in different locations.

1.9. App ideas that make money: Custom Cooking Recipe App

This app idea will be extremely helpful to people who do not know how to cook and live away from home. That is why creating a custom cooking recipe app will be a great idea for startups in 2022. All you need to do is hire a mobile app developer who can define the categories and add text, audio and video to each recipe.

1.10. App ideas that make money: Travel Plan App

The world has thousands of beautiful landscapes, each with its own distinct charm. But how do you decide what to explore on a limited budget and which locations to visit during the right season? That is where a travel planner app can help you by customizing your travel itinerary within your limited budget. All you have to do is set a budget and preferences, and the app will start recommending the best plans based on AI technology.

Travel Plan Apps

1.11. App ideas that make money: Bookcrossing app

It\’s a myth that books don\’t matter in our digital age. People, in fact, continue to purchase hard copies, even if they are not cheap. They\’d also like to trade some of their books for other favorites.

1.12. App ideas that make money: Equipment Renting App

The global P2P market is expected to reach $558 billion by 2027. Furthermore, according to a Nielsen Survey survey, 66% of people are willing to use and rent products in a shared community. 

You can build a P2P rental platform where users can rent items like cameras, electric scooters, bicycles and even fashion accessories. This will create a virtual P2P rental marketplace by bridging the gap between prospective clients and owners. It would be nice to include features like user reviews and digital payment mechanism.

Equipment Renting App

2. 10 Step to turn your app idea into reality?

Now you already have a list of 12 most promising mobile app ideas that make money in 2022. Take the time to research and decide which one you\’ll concentrate on. Here\’s a step-by-step guide on how to make your app idea a reality.

2.1. Define the feature list

Every great app starts with a spark of an idea but you need a plan to put that idea into action. First, you must first define the features of your app. You can begin your work by jotting down some ideas on paper. This allows you to concentrate on the ideas and develop them. It is also useful for you when speaking with anyone, including designers and developers. 

2.2. Research market

After you\’ve created a strong list of features, now you have to conduct market research to know about competition, trends and market requirements. Check to see whether there are similar apps in the market, and if there are, find their ratings, reviews and feedback as well as what features these apps lack or miss. Then, you can come up with new features in your app to make it more unique and engaging.

2.3. Identify the targeted audience

In order to meet your users\’ expectations and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, you must have a thorough understanding of the consumer. Your target audiences are likely to come from a specific industry, existing clients, region, age group, income level, gender, profession and so on. Once you know about these, you can easily design your app and its features. 

2.4. Select the right technology and platform to get started

The target audience defined in the previous step will help you decide the technology and platform to develop for. If your target consumers are primarily iPhone users, then developing and deploying the app on the Apple App Store would be a better option. Furthermore, if Android users constitute the majority, deploying on the Google Play Store would be a wise decision. 

You can also choose to develop for both Android and iOS platforms concurrently by hiring two teams of developers and deploying both apps. A better solution would be to create a cross-platform or hybrid app that runs on both devices.

2.5. Determine your monetization strategy

If you plan to profit from your mobile app, you must plan your monetization strategy well before the development and launch of your app. You should have a clear idea of how to make money with the app. Subscription fees, sponsorship, ads and user data are some ways to profit from your web or app idea.

2.6. Seek a development partner and estimate the costs

After you\’ve finished the groundwork for the most part, it\’s time to work with professionals to develop your app in a cost-effective and high-quality way. Choosing the right partner is a make-or-break step in the app development process. A good vendor will evaluate your plan while asking you several questions and making suggestions to improve your idea. Make sure to clarify them thoroughly so that your plan is effectively communicated.

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2.7. Finish the UI/UX

If you’re working with freelancers, you would normally need to hire a designer in addition to the developer. This frequently results in higher costs and logistics. An outsourcing company, on the other hand, can save you both time and money because normally they would have a skilled team of developers, project managers, designers and other required experts. As soon as you find a suitable vendor, you should consult with them about the UI/UX of your website/app. 

2.8. Have the web/app developed and tested

As your app development team develops your app, they should send you updates on the progress of your app, and you should be able to test it and provide feedback. It is critical for the web/app Quality Assurance process because it allows you to measure the timeline, quality, and cost. 

2.9. Introduce the web/app and market it

When you are satisfied with the app, you should introduce it to the market. You should launch it in theiTunes App Store  and Google Play Store and start marketing the app. You must also implement a marketing plan by yourself or hire a PR or marketing firm.

2.10. Collect feedback for further improvement

After the initial release and marketing, you can collect market feedback, demand, and user data. If you receive a lot of positive feedback, you can move on to the next phase of your app development. Otherwise, you should figure out what is slowing down your website/app and have a strategy to improve it.

In conclusion:

In this blog, AgileTech shared a number of app ideas that make money when executed precisely. Aside from that, we also provided you with a solution for earning money by developing apps without knowing how to code. If you are considering developing an app, it is best to seek guidance from an on-demand mobile app development company like AgileTech. We will help you find the best ways to make your app a success, get funding and many other crucial aspects of starting your business. Feel free to reach out at your earliest convenience!