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8 Making Friends Apps To Meet New People That Actually Work

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We live in the modern world where we’ve spent hours checking social media. However, the problem with this routine is that we sometimes find it difficult to have a real-life connection. In addition, we are busy, dealing with jobs, paying for bills, and saving up for the future. Fortunately, we are now living in the digital world. Many things can be done with a few clicks. So how do we make friends online? In order to make your social life easier, here are 10+ making friends apps to meet new people.

8 Making Friends Apps To Meet New People

1. Yubo – Join, Play And Make Friends Online

Recently, Yubo closed a Series C funding round of $47.5 million. This French startup may be one of the biggest social media apps you’ve ever heard of. Interacting with Yubo, users browse others profile, swipe left or right to pass or to like them. However, you can’t follow other users or like contents. As you can see, social media apps like TikTok, Instagram, and even LinkedIn with the ability to like and offer algorithmic recommendations make them become a virtual stage. Meanwhile, Yubo isn’t looking for performers. It focuses on experiences of enjoying games, hanging out and creating new friendships.

yubo soical app that help meet new people for teen


  • Yubo app users can join group live streams.
  • The app offers a Q&A game called “To Be Honest” where users ask others questions about themselves.
  • It’s possible to hide the location to ensure safety.


  • Parents’ consent for users under 18 is required.
  • There are scammers despite dozens of safety features due to the immature age of users.

Pricing plans:

  • The Yubo app is free.
  • It doesn’t offer paid subscription or membership

While the niche is very competitive, what makes Yubo unique is the separation of the audience. They created a perfect platform for minors. They also allow different themed live streaming, where anyone can join and communicate with each other.

2. Ablo – Make Friends Worldwide

Beautifully designed and thoughtfully executed, Google named Ablo as the Best App of 2019. Why did Google love it that much? Ablo’s mission is to create unlikely connections and encourage to learn about unfamiliar cultures. It lets you connect, discover, and have conversations with users from around the world with a real-time translation for text as well as video chats. 

ablo app chat without language restrictions for making friends


  • Ablo is safe because users’ profiles are manually checked by the company’s staff.
  • The interface employs beautiful colors and is easy to use.
  • A unique way of getting to know new people all over the world.
  • The translation algorithm is awesome.


  • Some problems with their coins. For example, if you are a male, when you fly, you’ll meet people of the same gender. In order to overcome this thing, you need to buy coins.

Pricing plans:

Ablo is free to use.

The app is unique from so many other making friends apps. It basically is a social networking app that help you connect with people. As it effectively simulates a feel of traveling without leaving your home or device. If making friends from across the world is something that excites you, you will find great value in Ablo, which is free for use. Go forth and make friends, the world is your oyster.

Download Ablo free from App Store or Google Play.

3. Meetup – Find event near you

If you are finding an app to make friends who have similar interests, Meetup is a good idea for you. This app connects people who share passions and hobbies. From running, learning, to traveling, Meetup is one of the most incredible apps for people wanting to make friends in a new area.

meetup local meeting and events app for making friends


  • Meetup puts you in touch with like-minded people. It is a good way to have a long-lasting friendship.
  • Meetup also offers a function to report abusive users.
  • Simply send a message or an email to the organizer that reports any concerns you have.


  • Despite the ability to report other users, you are still meeting with people who are often strangers. Meetup has no identity verification process.

Pricing plans:

Though it is free to use, some organizers will charge group membership fees. They may also make you responsible for your own supplies, meals, and transportation, meaning that some groups may become costly over time.

Meetup is a unique website with many positive attributes. While using Meetup, you’re also likely to make some new friends, and maybe even enjoy the activities you love even more because you get to do them with others.

Try Meetup on iOS and Android.

4. Tastebuds

Have you ever wondered to make friends through a music app? Try Tastebuds. Tastebuds gives its users a new and exciting way to meet friends who have similar music tastes. At Tastebuds, there is no pressure to meet up right away. With the option of “concert buddy” or “new friend”, users have the opportunity to seek out more than just a date.

tastebuds music dating app and meet new people, make friends music app


  • Large selection of music services that you can link to.
  • They have an interesting matching system – similar taste in music.
  • Buttons like “send them a song” or “throw a cow at them” keep the atmosphere fun and quirky.


  • Android app is not available.
  • Music matches do not always sync to the user’s location.

Pricing plans:

  • Free basic account
  • 1 Month $10.00/month
  • 3 Months $6.66/month 
  • 6 Months $5/month 

As its slogan “connect through music” suggests, Tastebuds uses music to find matches rather than physical attraction or lists of character. Consequently, users can spark deeper connections and more meaningful relationships.

Download Tastebuds on App Store.

5. Spotafriend – Meet Teens App

Spotafriend is one of the most popular making friends apps for teen age from 13 to 19 years old. Like Tinder, it is a location-based app that works on a swiping basis to form matches. Users engage with the app by swiping pictures of other teens nearby. They swipe right or click a green check mark to become friends. They swipe left or click a red “x” to pass. If they both accept, a match is made and the two users can start chatting privately.

spotafriend app to make new friends online screenshot on app store


  • A high-quality app for teenagers to meet new friends nearby.
  • This is the only social app which allows people under 18 years old to use.
  • This app is really about finding new friends rather than dates.
  • There are new updates available every month.


  • If you don’t want to see ads, it’s better to buy ultimate version.
  • Sometimes this app freezes.
  • It can be also slow at times. 
  • Unlocking swipe history and unlimited boomerang are not free.

Pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Or current Ultimate Access subscription prices are $2.99 USD/Week, $7.99 USD/1 Month, $16.99 USD/3 Months, and $19.99 USD/1 Year.

Even though “swipe left or right features” aren’t new, Spotafriend is still a very good social app for teenagers to use for free. Again, this app is suitable for looking for friendships rather than dating. Therefore, it is a fresh choice in the overcrowded online dating industry.

Download it on Google Play and App Store.

6. HelloTalk

If you’re not keen on the idea of immediately meeting up with strangers, a language exchange app like HelloTalk can be just the thing for you. Like finding an online friend, this app allows you to search and chat with people around the world who would like to practice in English.

hellotalk language exchange app, making friends apps for iOS and android


  • The option to chat in several languages at the same time.
  • Its voice recognition system can understand what you want to say automatically.
  • You can meet new friends who speak your target language from your local area.


  • It crashes at inopportune times.
  • Slow responsiveness over 3G/4G when you leave a wifi connection.
  • Huge battery drain.

Pricing plans:

  • The free version is ad-supported
  • If you want to get rid of the ads, you need a VIP membership, which costs $6.99 per month, or $45.99 per year.

Not only just text chat, but you can chat with language friends also via voice recordings, voice calls, video calls, and even doodles! It also allows you to highlight words in the chat window to see dictionary definitions. Therefore, it’s one of the most friendly making friends apps while traveling.

HelloTalk works on both Android and iOS. So whether you’ve got an iPhone, iPad, or an Android smartphone or tablet, you’re good to go.

7. Making Authentic Friendships (MAF)

Making Authentic Friendships served as a platform for people who had autism and ADHD to make connections and finding friends. MAF helps kids with disabilities to initiate conversations. During the registration process, users need to provide their details such as name, age, diagnosis and location. Based on the above-mentioned details and diagnosis, the app then matches people.

making authentic friendships, MAF, making friends app autism


  • MAF is designed to help people with disabilities form new, supportive connections.
  • This app serves as a game. The more you talk with friends, the more coins you can earn. Then, these coins help them buy their new avatar outfit.
  • User ability to report any users if they feel threatened.


  • MAF is available on web app. Users can’t download it on Google Play or App Store.

Making authentic friendship is a responsive web-based app. It will launch as a mobile app soon.

8. Alif – Muslim Dating & Friends

Among many making friends apps for muslim out there, Alif aims to build friends and soulmates. Everyone on the platforms creates a high quality profile and puts their best foot forward by using a verification process. Once your profile is approved (typically within 72 hours!), you can start meeting other Muslims!

alif app, meet muslim friends,


  • The app has a very strict signing up process.
  • The design of this app is very simple and intuitive.
  • Finding quality friends and connections is easy here.


  • It is only available via App store.

Pricing plans:

It’s free

Download Alif for iPhone and iPad.


The business of love and making friends are all set to bloom in the times to come, especially in the post of COVID-19. Added to its bright prospects, tailwind factors like untapped markets, the increased spending power of the millennials, delay in life milestones as well as longer working hours, the future seems bright for the making-friends apps industry.

As you can see, there are a large number of making friends apps in the market. What to make your future app unique? Here are 10 ideas you can bring to your friendships app to make it shine:

  • App based on birth horoscope
  • Friendship app based on hobbies and passions
  • App to make friends that takes cultural background into account

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