AgileTech Team Building 2022: Break the limit

After a year of lockdown, we were more excited than ever to have the opportunity to host a team-building at homestay Nhà Của Tớ for our staffs. Due to Covid-19, we know many team members are suffering from stress and pressure from work. Therefore, we planned this event to show our appreciation for everyone\’s teamwork during such a hectic time. We believe a relaxed event would be medicine to cure job burnout and energize the team members. 

In spite of the short preparation time, we are glad that everything was completed after 1 month with the help of the HR department. At the end of the 2 day journey, all the hard work paid off as everyone who took part in the team building confessed that they enjoyed the activities and were happy to know other team members.

AgileTech team building 2022

1. Team building ideas and concepts

With the theme “Break the limit”, AgileTech hopes that the trip will be an opportunity to unite members, eliminate all distances and limitations. This event is also an occasion where employees can strengthen solidarity, regenerate energy and make breakthroughs in future work. 


2. Company team building activities

Outdoor team-building activities are an excellent way to improve collaboration among different departments in the company. With many challenging activities, everyone had to try their best to reach the finish line together. 


The team building games are extremely challenging and difficult at first, but we successfully finished it at the end with solidarity and power of teamwork. It was truly an unforgettable experience and takeaway.


All the employees spent their weekend with a wide range of emotions.


3. What did we get with outdoor team building 2021?

– Tie up the bond among the AgileTech family

It is important for all employees to have the same goal to accomplish and at AgileTech, we play hard in team building like the way we work hard in every project. After the trip, the bond and spirit among the members has accelerated strongly and made us truly closer than ever. 

– Improve communication

Communication among team members is a key to success. By participating in team building activities, we encourage everyone to relax, be themselves, and open up to others by putting them in a fun and relaxing environment outside of the workplace. Therefore, it will improve communication among team members in order to complete tasks and solve problems.

– Nurturing company culture

The goal of outdoor team building not only refers to building a special time for our team members but also building a young, dynamic culture of AgileTech. We believe this is a good way to cut out toxicity and get everyone on the same page while working together. 

– Promoting health

Team-building events often require the teams to interact with one another and solve problems outside of the office. This means that employees may complete tasks that are not typical of their job, such as participating in physical challenges or fun activities.