9 Best Making Friends Apps For Meeting New People In 2022

Whatever is going on in your life, you will want friends by your side! Making friends apps are becoming more common as technology advances. This is especially true and useful because it is a combination of factors that makes this critical skill difficult for us. Furthermore, we are now living with the Covid-19 on a daily basis. With just a few simple clicks, you can accomplish a great deal. So, how would we make friends online? 

Here are the top 9 making friends apps to establish, grow, and maintain online friendships!

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Top 9 effective making friends apps in 2022

1. Skout

Skout, top 1 in the making friends apps list, has been in the friendship app game since 2007, so they have a long history. It\’s simple for you to connect with people wherever you go, which appears to be especially useful if you\’re traveling alone and want to grab a pint with someone.

Skout App

Skout allows you to communicate with new people in your neighborhood by chatting, sending images, and exchanging virtual gifts. And so far, you are even able to find a new book club on the app. This is your chance to make friends all over the world.

The app gives you the ability to meet others from around the world Many of the actions require points, which you can purchase
Chat with users and build friendships
Build your own profile complete with pictures
Scroll through the profiles of other users
Get updates from nearby users
The app is modern, clean, and easy to navigate

Download Skout on Android and iOS.

2. Bumble BFF

Bumble BFF, a service developed by the popular dating app Bumble, aims to assist you in shaping platonic friendships in a similar way. If you\’ve ever used Bumble for dating, Bumble BFF is essentially the same idea. You\’ll still need to create a profile with a few photos and a brief bio. Swipe left to move, and right to bind. The main difference is that the timer for starting a conversation isn\’t gendered, so either of you must make the first move before the match expires.

Bumble BFF App
Sign up process is streamlined; anyone without any technical know-how can join this app and try their luck.The matching process is either you like or ignore, so a man without good looks has little chances to find a partner unless a woman is not interested in looks.
Bumble\’s unique thing is it gives women the power to choose who they want to contact and avoid. It helps them to prevent harassment and bullying from unwanted messages.Search filters are limited, so you have to depend on the site recommendations rather than your preference.
As women choose the man they want to connect with, most of the relationships go for the long term and even convert to marriage.Men have to wait for women\’s responses; if you are a man and find someone who still matches all the criteria, you cannot initiate a conversation.
Even though the women choose are in control; still, a large number of men joined the site. It has a healthy woman to men ratio.
The registration can be done using the Facebook account or mobile number, which reduces the number of fake profiles on this site.

Download Bumble BFF on Android and iOS.

3. Yubo

Yobo is a French startup that may be one of the most popular social media apps you\’ve ever heard of. Users interact with Yubo by browsing other people\’s profiles and swiping left or right to find new friends, chat with them in the app, and discover different interest groups. If you want to spend more time getting to know new people before forming friendships, you can even live video stream with them. 

Yubo App

You cannot, however, follow other users or like content. As you can see, social media apps such as TikTok, Instagram, and even LinkedIn, with the ability to like and offer algorithmic recommendations, have transformed themselves into a virtual stage. Yubo, on the other hand, is not looking for performers. It focuses on having fun while playing games, hanging out, and making new friends.

If you\’ve been nervous about venturing out in a new city, this pre-meet from the comfort of your own home may make the whole thing a little less stressful.

Yubo app users can join group live streams.Parents’ consent for users under 18 is required.
The app offers a Q&A game called “To Be Honest” where users ask others questions about themselves.There are scammers despite dozens of safety features due to the immature age of users.
It’s possible to hide the location to ensure safety.

Pricing plans:

  • The Yubo app is free.
  • It doesn’t offer paid subscription or membership.

Download Yubo on Android and iOS.

4. Meetup

Meetup is a good choice to use if you\’re looking for a way to meet people with similar interests. This app connects people who have similar interests and hobbies. Meetup is one of the most incredible apps for people who want to make friends in a new area, and it can be used for anything from running to learning to traveling.

Meetup is a simple way to join a social circle of people who share similar interests. You can search by demographic to find themes ranging from broad to specific. Meetup also allows you to meet a large number of new people all at once. Attend some of the scheduled get-togethers of organized groups of people who share your interests.

Meetup App

Simply put, with Meetup, you enter your location and search for events by category. That\’s it! You\’ll be able to find your team in no time.

Meetup puts you in touch with like-minded people. It is a good way to have a long-lasting friendship.Despite the ability to report other users, you are still meeting with people who are often strangers. Meetup has no identity verification process.
Meetup also offers a function to report abusive users.
Simply send a message or an email to the organizer that reports any concerns you have.

Pricing plans: 

Although it is free to use, some organizers may charge a group membership fee. They may also make you responsible for your own supplies, meals, and transportation, which means that some groups may become costly over time.

Download Meetup on iOS and Android.

5. Friender

Friender is one of the best apps to make friends as it is so easy for people to trust an app that contains the word “friend.” Friender is yet another swipe-based app, but the profiles it displays are not chosen at random. When you create your profile, you specify your preferences so that recommended matches have at least one common interest.

Friender App

It gives you something new to talk about and the chance to meet people who share your interests. If you\’re looking for a workout buddy or a strictly platonic pal to paint the town with, Friender could be the place to find them. Following an initial survey in which you select your interests, the app suggests people who share at least one of those interests.

From-friendship-to-flings opportunities. Essential number of fake accounts. 
Search without registration.Messaging and communication need a fee.
Tons of valuable content.Outdated design.
Promotions and bonuses are onboard.
Decent platform to have a good time.
Easy-to-use interface.
Good value for the price.

Download Friender on iOS and Android.

6. Hey! VINA

Hey! Vina, a female-created app for women, is giving you a chance to have a large group of girlfriends around. First, you have to take a personality quiz, answer questions about your guilty pleasures and how you spend your free time. Then, you can swipe left or right on new friends or join pre-existing app-based women\’s groups. When you\’ve found the person you\’re looking for, the app will suggest a meeting spot.

Hey! Vina App

Hey! Vina was created for women to meet other women at any time. You can find matches based on shared activities and interests, as well as your \”life stage,\” because different stages of your life may lead you to seek out new friends.

Encourages you to share more about yourself – your guilty pleasure.Geared towards women, so if you are a guy, we recommend you pick anothers.
A lot of personality quizzes and communities to join in.

Download Hey! Vina on iOS and Android.

7. Twitch

Twitch is an awesome place to make friends, especially if you\’re already a streamer. Moreover, Twitch communities frequently transcend the internet\’s boundaries, with users regularly hosting in-person Twitch meetups. 

Another excellent option is to join or start your own Discord server. Many of the larger streamers\’ fan bases have their own Discord chats where they discuss everything streamer and game related, and they are always eager to welcome new fans into the fold. 

Twitch App

And it\’s not just for video games—in recent years, beauty gurus, makeup artists, sex columnists, wellness consultants, and other professionals have taken over Twitch. What could be better for the streamer than bonding over a shared passion for livestreams?

Watching live stream doesn\’t cost you a pennyThis is more look like the streamer community
Communications in real time
Meeting pure entertainers

Download Twitch on iOS and Android.

8. Atleto

Atleto is all about assisting you in finding people who share your sports interests and motivating you to host events and meet up in person. When it comes to first dates, jogging or cycling together is a low-key way to meet new people. Using the app, you can join an existing community or start your own sports activity. And who knows, maybe you\’ll meet your ideal workout buddy.

Atleto App

Atleto is all about connecting you with people who share your interests in sports, as well as encouraging you to host events and meet up in person. Following that, you can rate your fellow athletes after each activity to get closer to new friends.

Get the best match between you and other athletes in your areaUnpopular way to make friends
Build your sports network

Download Atleto on iOS and Android.

9. Mom Life

Mom Life is the modern mother\’s app. A moms\’ community where they can talk, laugh, brag, vent, cry, and support one another. It allows you to find a kindred spirit who is going through the same stages of parenting as you, from pregnancy to postpartum. You can track your pregnancy, share photos and tips, and commiserate about everything from fertility and ovulation to pregnancy, best baby products, baby names, and your child\’s milestones.

Mom Life App

Mom Life gives you one-click access to the best parenting mini-apps to make your life easier.

Find your mom squadStill available mom shaming
Pregnancy milestones tracker
Private chats, group chats

Download Mom Life on iOS and Android.


The love and friendship industries are poised to flourish in the coming years, particularly in the post of COVID-19. With its bright prospects, tailwind factors such as untapped markets, millennials\’ increased spending power, postponement of life milestones, and longer working hours, the making-friends apps industry\’s future appears bright.

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