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The 15 Best Startup Ideas Will Grow In 2022

You want to establish a business, but you’re having trouble defining your startup ideas. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you must choose not only an idea about which you are knowledgeable and passionate but also one that has the potential to grow over time.

And for 2022, you must consider the new normal. The COVID-19 epidemic has altered how people buy and use goods and services. As a result, consider enterprises that can support how people spend their lives now, rather than more traditional ones.

Here are the best 15 startup ideas to help you find success in 2022 and beyond!

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Top 15 startup ideas in 2022

1. Consulting

According to the most recent census data, professional service businesses are among the most popular startup ideas, as more Americans look for simple methods to offer their expertise.

While all consultants provide expert advice to professionals, there are two basic categories of consultant businesses: strategy consulting and management consulting. Strategy consultants assist firms with specific questions about their path, whereas management consultants frequently specialize in a certain field.


Consulting might be a lucrative alternative if you are skilled and passionate about a particular issue (such as business, social media, marketing, human resources, leadership, or communication). You can start a consulting business on your own, then expand and recruit other consultants as your company grows. You can refer to Jupiter, Dover,…

2. Online reselling

Secondly, those who are interested in apparel and/or sales may want to try beginning an internet reseller business. Although it requires time and perseverance — as well as a keen eye for fashion – you may transform a side hustle into a full-time reselling business. You may begin by selling your unused clothing on online store websites, then expand to your resale website. For example: Meesho, Shop101,…

Online reselling

3. Online courses and coaching

The increased demand for online education has created new opportunities for entrepreneurs. Because this is an internet startup, you can teach a course on any subject you are competent about, regardless of your location. If you lack advanced knowledge in any topic, consider teaching English as a foreign language to students around the world online.

Online courses and coaching

This startup idea can provide online coaching classes to students and create a community to assist them while growing online coaching businesses. You can reach out to folks looking for online coaching classes by creating a Facebook page or even a podcast. All of these coaching and training-based business models can be carried out at a minimal cost and from the comfort of one’s own home.

There are also various online platforms, for example, Thinkific and Teachable, that can assist you in getting started quickly. You can sign up for these sites and begin experimenting to discover how they perform.

4. Medical courier service – one of the most trendy startup ideas

Next, consider starting your courier service, specifically a medical courier service, provided you have a trustworthy car and solid time management skills. People require this type of service now more than ever before. As a driver, you\’d be in charge of transporting medical items such as lab specimens, prescription drugs, and equipment. You may start your courier service or hire other drivers to work for you. For example: Lab Logistics, Medical Couriers,…

Medical courier service

5. App development

If you are well-versed in technology and have prior expertise, you may want to seek a career in app development. Smartphones have become a regular item for many Americans, increasing the demand for mobile apps. Similarly, because virtual reality software has grown in popularity in recent years, there is a demand for VR app creation.

App development

6. Home care service

A background in care and hospitality can be very beneficial in assisting housebound seniors who require in-home care. It’s also a service that’s going to see an increase in demand. According to the National Institute on Aging, the global population of those aged 85 and above is expected to grow 351 percent between 2010 and 2050, while the number of centenarians (people over the age of 100) is expected to grow tenfold. Many will require care and support, frequently in the comfort of their own homes.

Home care service

Fortunately, you don’t need a history in healthcare to aid the elderly while still growing a profitable business, though those abilities will be in high demand. Many senior citizens require assistance with a variety of duties, such as errands or home repairs. With enough expertise, you may explore expanding these startup ideas to assist seniors with transitioning from their homes to assisted living facilities, providing services such as packing, transportation, set up, or storing their furniture and possessions.

7. Pet grooming and sitting

Pet ownership is on the rise, with more than 23 million families acquiring a new pet during the epidemic. As a result, there is an increase in the demand for pet services and pet-friendly businesses. Pet grooming can be started as a business by acquiring the appropriate materials, organizing appointments, and staying in touch with customers — and the market offers a lot of space for growth.

Pet grooming and sitting

8. Limited-edition drops from home

Starting a full-service restaurant may appear to be a daunting endeavor for a first-time entrepreneur, but many business owners have found success by finding inventive ways to break into the food and beverage market before pursuing growth and expansion.

Limited Edition

Start small but market widely to test your idea. Last Crumb launched as a luxury, direct-to-consumer cookie brand in 2020. With inventive tastes and thorough preparations, they created a waitlist for their cookie drops.

9. Community-focused spaces

Wide Eyes, Open Palms is an excellent illustration of how community-focused entrepreneurial concepts may thrive. Angie Evans and Kat McIver used money, backing from some customers as investors, and loans made more palatable by having an established business to secure a brick-and-mortar cafe after beginning by selling specialty coffee and pastries at local California farmers markets. They frequently collaborate with the Long Beach LGBTQ center as well as the local small business sector.

Community-focused spaces

10. Graphic designer

Finding ways to sell your creative talents, similar to the professional service space, is a terrific strategy to launch your first business. You can utilize a free web store to sell and market your design services, whether as a full-time firm or as a side project. For example: Superside, Picsart,… 

Graphic designer

11. Freelance writing

Do you have experience creating company plans, marketing content, or revising resumes? Your writing and editing abilities could be your next lucrative move, and Square provides invoicing tools to help you get paid swiftly.

Freelance writing

12. Translation

All types of firms are pursuing worldwide expansion and will require translation expertise as they begin this task. Consider developing a marketing strategy to assist you break into the field.


13. Gaming

According to a recent Global Web Index report, Gen Z over-indexes on preferring brands that appear young, fashionable, amusing, daring, and innovative. They also place a premium on brands that assist customers improve their image, offer customized/personalized products, run customer communities, support charities, and make customers feel valued.


From gaming studios to influencers to community organizers, Gen Z is anticipated to dominate this industry in the coming years.

14. Beauty

Many small company owners have found success in the beauty industry by creating their products and placing their brands in the spotlight. For example: Hey bud, Planity,… 


15. Fine art and photography

As the art world becomes more democratized, firms that promote personality-driven, approachable work with broad appeal are catching on with Gen Z. Beauty is getting increasingly fashionable, particularly in recent years, and galleries or photographic studios are becoming increasingly popular. Art activities were held in quick succession and drew a lot of attention. This is also a business that will never go out of style.

Fine art and photography


To sum up, there are so many great startup ideas that the question “Which is the best to start?” has no objectively correct answer – you know better than anyone which will bring you happiness, success and stability. AgileTech hopes this blog helps you in analyzing trendy ideas that fit your future startup. Additionally, if any of these ideas inspire you, let’s contact us for consultation. 

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