Beauty And Health

With up-to-date technology and extensive experience, we have worked closely with businesses to create software for beauty and health. As a result, these products offer great convenience to clients upon using beauty and healthcare services, making it easier for them to approach the top-level solution for the business.

Beauty And Health

Beauty And Health Development Solutions

The benefits of using beauty and health software services can be significant to the success of your business. These services can help to improve efficiency and ensure your great performance while taking advantage of modern technology to reach a high level of customer satisfaction. You can also expect to reduce costs and improve compliance. If you are considering using beauty and health software services, it is important to carefully evaluate your needs and choose the right solution to achieve the final goal.

For each project, our dedicated development team will thoroughly discuss with clients to have the best idea of the overall plan before starting with the solution. We are proficient in developing both mobile apps and websites with top-notch features to make it easier for you to gain access to beauty and health solutions.

Case Studies

#1: Mint Medical – Premium Healthcare Service Right at Your Fingertips

Mint Medical app makes it easy for users to manage their health on the go. Mint Medical aims to make primary healthcare more accessible for everyone and provide the services right at your fingertips.

Mint Medical helps you understand more about your health condition and give you step-by-step guidance to treat conditions in most effective way. That’s why AgileTech developers have created the interface that is simple, easy to use, dynamic and creative. Together, Mint Medical and AgileTech have already changed the way consumers think about healthcare – cut out unnecessary medical visits.

#2: Bao Ha Spa– Natural Spa Care Service for Moms and Babies

Bao Ha Spa is one of the most well-known spas for moms and babies in Vietnam. With 10 branches across the country, Bao Ha Spa is the ideal destination for many women during and after their pregnancy. Their website does not only offer various insights about pregnancy but also provide endless collection of necessary products for moms and babies.

When building Bao Ha Spa website, we focus on user experience. The user interface is arranged neatly and thoroughly, guiding customers to make their decisions quicker.

#3: UrSmiles  – Revolutionizing The Way You Take Care of Oral Health

The healthcare app – UrSmiles provides users the fastest way to get the assessment on the status of their teeth – just by a picture! The app will also direct users to the nearest clinics for further assessment and services. In addition, users can read medical blogs and get update about their monthly schedules with doctors.

UrSmiles identifies the need for an easy-to-use medical schedule software system of oral health. As a result, AgileTech engineers have helped create the modern dental scheduling system for both Android and iOS.

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