Transform Data Visualization with Tableau

AgileTech’s team of professionals assists in integrating Tableau with your existing systems, ensuring a seamless data management experience that supports informed decision-making and strategic business moves.

Maximize the value
of your data with AgileTech

AgileTech can offer a suite of services centered around Tableau to help businesses harness the power of their data. These services include creating custom dashboards that provide actionable insights, developing comprehensive data analytics platforms, and offering technical support to ensure that Tableau’s tools are utilized to their full potential.

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data management solutions

As a leading choice for modern business intelligence, Tableau facilitates data exploration and management, and accelerates the discovery of insights that can influence businesses and the world

VizQL Technology

Tableau uses VizQL, a technology that translates drag-and-drop actions into data queries, enabling visual expression of data without requiring extensive technical skills


Tableau can be deployed in various environments, including cloud, on-premises, or integrated with Salesforce CRM, offering flexibility depending on organizational needs

AI/ML Capabilities

Tableau includes AI and machine learning capabilities to augment human creativity in analysis, making complex data more accessible and understandable

Data Culture

Tableau promotes collaboration through its community and platform, allowing users to share insights and build a data-driven culture within their organizations

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User Friendliness

Known for its intuitive user experience, Tableau allows users of varying technical levels to interact with data through simple drag-and-drop actions.

Powerful Integration

Tableau can work with raw data in various formats and connect to databases, streamlining the data analysis process

Community Support

Tableau has a vibrant community of over one million members who share experiences and best practices.

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What we brings to the table

AgileTech boast a talented and highly qualified development team, ready to aid in your business’ path to success

Expertise in

AgileTech has a team of skilled developers who specialize in Tableau, ensuring high-quality development and customization.

Training and Enablement

We offer training programs to empower your team to fully utilize Tableau’s capabilities, fostering self-sufficiency in data analysis.


AgileTech can help translate your data into strategic insights, aiding in better decision-making and business growth.

Industrial Applications

See which industries would benefit from incorporating Tableau

Financial Services

Banking, insurance, and wealth management can use Tableau for data-driven decision-making, understanding market trends, and customer behavior.

Public Sector

State and local governments, federal agencies, education, and non-profits can utilize Tableau for public data analysis and service delivery improvement.


Providers, payers, pharmaceuticals, and medical device companies can manage patient data, track treatment outcomes, and streamline operations.


Analyzing sales data, customer preferences, and supply chain logistics can inform business decisions.


Managing large datasets, understanding audience demographics, and optimizing advertising strategies.

Industrial Products

Manufacturing companies can monitor production processes, manage inventory, and maintain quality control.

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