Based on high vision and expertise, we are confident that our products can be the most effective for customers. In order to create perfect products and provide the best service to our customers, we have made a great effort and in the future, we definitely will create many quality products.

These our new collaborative consumption model offered revenue by utilizing underused assets, and users.


Marketplace: B2B e-commerce platform

The support of technology seems to make things a lot easier. The websites that we create can provide a better solution for sales for users.

Adopting digital media and mobile devices to sales helps our customers not only maximize their benefits but also expand their market share.

Super App

E-wallet: Paying money online app

Insurance app: Buying and submitting

Integrating with AI technology

mAIvoice: Voice news apps

mAIcall: Automation call apps

AI News: Super news apps

Tailor-made AI software can help businesses increase sales, detect fraud, improve customer experience, automate workflows and provide predictive analytics.

Our company management solutions provide our customers with the most intelligent management software and can minimize costs to the lowest possible level.

Enterprise management solution

Sales daily: Sales daily report app

Company management system: Smart management app


Trainning horse app: New trainning methods app

Mcbook: E-book platform

We can help you improve teaching efficiency, bring new experiences by creating useful applications and software by our experienced experts.

Especially thanks to the development of technology, we will help people solve every problem around us in the best way.


Stardary: Livestream app

Alosong: Livestream app

Gio apps: Singing and Livestream app

Car Service

Driverbuddy: Assistant app for car drivers

Driveradz: Advertising on car management app

Thanks to technology, car services also becomes quick and easy with just a few clicks. This will help customers save a lot of time, effort and money compared to not using technology as before.

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