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  • Swift, Java
  • Android Studio
  • Backend, Admin
  • Mobile App

Faskera – A Unique Experience of Social Networking

The Faskera app grants its customers the simplest and fastest way to create beautiful polls about millions of their concerns by texts, photos, gifs, emotional icons, videos and other materials. More than just polls, Faskera brings in a new and unique experience of social networking. Connecting and exchanging ideas is faster than ever.

Our Story

Let’s Change How We

Manage Business

Faskera introduces a totally new way of connecting people by using smartphones. By creating polls, you can have a broader view of how others perceive things or simply feel about something.

Design How it’s meant to be.

AgileTech Will Enhance Your Product

And Allow It To Fully Shine.

From the beginning, AgileTech has teamworked with Faskera to come up with an effective working process. After 3 months, we have succesfully put out an ideal product. Faskera now can help users make their decision faster by creating polls, votes.