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Gio Timeshare – Revolutionary Way of Connecting Talents to Talents

Gio Timeshare aims to build a community whereby the professional skills of many freelance individual talents can concise a tangible value in exchange for their services via time-sharing, be it for an agreed fee or the experience. With Gio’s integrated presence globally, it will be able to bring freelance talents into the professional level, building dreams for many hopefuls, etc

Our Story

Let’s Change How We

Manage Business

Gio Timeshare changes the way people who appreciate to connect talents to talents. As a technical partner, AgileTech has made Gio into easy skill access timesharing community.

Design How it’s meant to be.

AgileTech Will Enhance Your Product

And Allow It To Fully Shine.

Knowing and understanding the need of the professional skills sharing platform, Gio Timeshare and AgileTech has built dreams for many freelance talents who want to be better.