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Sunshine Group – Internal Management System that Serves Orderliness

An internal management system in which the Multidisciplinary Economy Comapany is enabled to effectively manage tons of documents, tasks, projects on corporate, departmental as well as individual scale. We introduce both website and mobile app versions for the system.

Our Story

Let’s Change How We

Manage Business

As the human factor is considered the focal point as well as the most valuable factor at Sunshine Group, the demand for an intensive management system that frees up this precious resource arises. As a technical partner, AgileTech helps Sunshine Group stay grounded to their Core value.

Design How it’s meant to be.

AgileTech Will Enhance Your Product

And Allow It To Fully Shine.

On the journey of conquering the mastery of business management, Sunshine Group and AgileTech established a long-term relationship built on trust and visions. This Internal Management Portal is one of factors that seperate them ahead from the rest of the tight competition.