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Tizo Canal Circle – Your Reliable Financial Consultant

The Tizo – Canal Circle app is a channel for credit staffs and borrowers. Borrowers can find and contact nearby credit staffs for interest rates & lending process to choose the best options. This payday loan app will help you stay connected with microfinance institutions. It reminds you about upcoming repayment, you never forget your payment due date and avoid being penalized. 

Our Story

Let’s Change How We

Manage Business

As a first step, Tizo helps borrowers to manage their loan & savings balances together with their repayment schedules. To satisfy our client's requirements, Agile team communicate and maintain the potential improvement of each versions.

Design How it’s meant to be.

AgileTech Will Enhance Your Product

And Allow It To Fully Shine.

Many ideas and changes occurred. Tizo aims to be a great low-cost communication channel between MFIs and their customers with notable features such as automatic loan reminders, automatic balance change notifications, helping MFIs to improve their service quality,etc. But AgileTech fulfilled all requirements by our hard-working technical team.