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Zota – The All-In-One App that Improves Residents’ Living with Smart Management

Zota is a Real Estate Cloud Management software. With this app, users can receive all information related to their apartments, make payments, register various residence services proactively and quickly anytime, anywhere, within a few taps. Zota is committed to bringing services of convenience and luxury to customers, and this Super App is a big leap into their business visions.

Our Story

Let’s Change How We

Manage Business

Through Zota, residents could stay connected to the Condominium while Building Management Committee could create customer satisfaction. Integrating many technologies in one umbrella app, Zota is built on the trust of different stakeholders.

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Zota is all about securing lives of convenience and confidence. Throughout the journey, AgileTech is glad to turn their ideas to life with the technological resources. The Zota app truly embodies future living on the basis of advanced technology.