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Vietnam App Development Companies Bring Success to Singapore Enterprises and Startups

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vietnam app development company singapore startups shouldn't miss to bring success

Building an app for companies has been an essential step to business success nowadays. Everyone will use apps on smartphones every day to communicate, read news, e-shop, and play.

It’s every company’s dream that their app can join the list of essential apps on their target customers’ mobile phones.

This hope surely applies to Singapore’s companies, reflected by the rapid growth in Singapore’s mobile app development market. Treading this path, unless having their own IT solution team in their company, these companies must outsource to an app development company to realize their dream.

Mobile app development cost in Singapore ranges from $10,000 for a quite simple one to $150,000 for large scale development, depending on requirements of functionalities, development difficulties, and the nature of the app. The entry cost is so substantial that companies, especially startups, may give up their dream.

Where to find more affordable alternatives app development companies while ensuring quality?

In short, outsourcing app development to Vietnam helps. It’s common to outsource these projects to a Vietnam app development company, reflected by the 12% annual growth of revenue generated from them in 2018, reaching roughly USD $3.5 billion. Indeed, conglomerates such as IBM and Samsung have also chosen to outsource this work to Vietnam.

Spend less, earn more

The main reason is that app development in Vietnam costs much less. The salary of IT engineers is significantly lower than Singapore as well as other Asian countries such as China, Malaysia, and India.

Therefore, the project can be accomplished with half the cost in Singapore. The company can use another half for other purposes to boost their performance.

More importantly, the rule of “cheap no good, good no cheap” doesn’t apply to Vietnam’s app development companies.

A pool of talent

The key enabler of quality app development is having a pool of talents. In response to high demand in the IT market, the Vietnam government has been investing huge effort to forge its local development.

Vietnamese children have been learning computers and programming since the early school years. As a result, it’s expected that there will be over 1 million software developers in Vietnam in 2020, according to its population reports in 2019. These talented youths will help bring quality and creative apps to customers.

Cultural and time zone similarity

Developing an app needs to know who the target users are, how they use, and what they need. Admittedly, Singapore’s app development companies know better about Singaporean than Vietnam’s ones.

However, located in Southeast Asia, both countries share a lot of cultural similarities. The use of color and graphic and cultural taboo will be in minimal differences.

Unpleasant surprise in producing a culturally unacceptable app will be very unlikely. Meanwhile, work ethic is similar between two sides, which can facilitate the work.

Developing an app requires extensive interaction between customers and developers. Luckily, both countries are just separated by a single time zone.

Requests and comments from Singapore can be handled immediately on Vietnam’s side, saving long waiting caused by the difference in business hours.

Furthermore, Vietnam is geographically close to Singapore. It just takes 2-3 hours of flight for a face-to-face meeting.

Is communication a barrier?

All of the above considerations base on a single assumption that both parties can effectively and efficiently communicate. It’s normal for a Singapore company to concern about the potential language barrier for Vietnam app developers who speak Vietnamese natively.

Luckily, language is not a barrier. According to the EF English Proficiency Index in 2019, Vietnam has a higher rank than other Asian countries such as Japan and Indonesia.

Furthermore, Vietnamese developers have even higher English proficiency since they have been working with overseas customers.

A cost-effective way to develop a quality app

The business will certainly be boosted by a quality app. Having a good idea, Singapore enterprises and startups should not be stopped by the high cost of building the app locally.

Outsourcing to a Vietnam app development company will be a cost-effective alternative. While spending half of the cost compared to local development, Singapore enterprises and startups can enjoy the quality app development services provided by talents in Vietnam and supported by their government.

Also, minimal cultural differences and no communication barrier ensure that Singapore enterprises and startups can get the final product in the desired quality, which will bring business success, from their Vietnam counterpart.

Outsourcing app development to Vietnam

There are plenty of quality app development companies in Vietnam. While many provide good outsourcing services, here are some good partners to work with:

  • Saigon Technology: worked with clients from the U.S., Singapore, Australia, and Europe. Clients’ feedback proved to have excellent communication and superb workflows, Certified as a top offshore software development company in Vietnam.
  • CO-WELL ASIA: supported by a huge pool of experts comprising 500 staff with over 10 years of development experience. It provides services at a minimum project size of $5000, which is the least across major companies.
  • AgileTech: As 5+ years experience, AgileTech has launched many successful projects in Mobile & Website development, Fintech, Super App, AI – Big Data, Testing services. Additionally, they has ranked as Top Software Development Company in Vietnam.
  • Savvycom Software: listed in Top 30 Global Mobile App Developers by Clutch in 2017.
  • STS Software Vietnam: developed over 200 apps in the past 14 years.

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