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Motivate and Inspire your Dedicated Team with AgileTech

With experience in providing Dedicated Team for many customers through the past 08 years, AgileTech could help you build a suitable dedicated team for your business in terms of quality, working culture, timeline and help you well manage the team.

Hire Skilled and Innovative Dedicated Team

Leveraging Agile project management methodology, our dedicated team of software developers helps our clients build and manage their projects of both custom software outsourcing and offshoring development works. We work closely with you to transform your original ideas into a complete software product.

AgileTech, as a quality software outsourcing company, has been helping clients all over the world to reach their goals since 2015. Also as a software agency, we wat to work with you and provide an abundant resources of talented IT employees in Python, .NET, Flutter, PHP, ReactJS, NodeJS… Our transparency and full involvement add value and help clients transform their raw ideas into the right products.

Why you should hire AgileTech’s Dedicated Team?

Members with university degree
Average age
Turnover rate

Transparent Costs

We always try to explain every possible cost before the project without charging any hidden additional fees.

Outsource Expert

With experience from over 100 Offshore Development projects, we can help you on set up an ideal offshore dedicated team.

Diverse Industries

We are highly experienced in various industries: Fintech, Logistics, Travel, Health, Social Media, Education and so on.

Clear Working Process

From the beginning, we will discuss with our clients about the effective working process and how we could work together.

Highly-Skilled Team

AgileTech always aims to move forward as a tech company by recruiting & training highly skilled human resources.

Fast Team Scale-up

With the large database of developers & the reputation of Recruitment Brand, team scale-up is faster than ever.

Information security

We respect clients’ intellectual property right, Before every project, AgileTech & dedicated members must all sign NDA.

Free Replacement

If you have any noticed misfit with the given candidates, free replacement will be offered in record time.

Our Tech Stack

Our Working Process

Through over 100 projects of various industries working with clients all over the world, we has gradually refined our own working process for the best productivity of our Dedicated Team Services. With each project, AgileTech together with clients will have exclusively-made work flows based on their own priorities and wishes.

Stage 1


In the beginning, first thing we do is to specify the client’s problems, business goals and product requirement. This helps both AgileTech and clients understand each other closely. Also, on this stage, we create a detailed plan of team size and structure, as well as, identify qualification requirements. In the long term, “Scoping” lays a profound ground of mutual understanding to further enhance the execution of 4 next stages.

Stage 2

Setting up

At this stage, AgileTech will gather IT experts with the appropriate knowledge, then set up a well-suited working environment with productive work tools. The client is authorized to chose team members from our suggested candidate list. 

In case you want to extend team, with strong HR team and a good reputation in Vietnamese technology community, we could quickly find suitable candidates (1-3 weeks). 

Stage 3


After the first 2 stages, experts are gathered into a team and start working during regular hours. AgileTech, by its best effort, manages to direct team members to work exclusively for the client’s project since commitment is what we prioritize. We start the project by breaking tasks and assigning them accordingly to team members. On top of that, we aslo focus on controlling quality and timeline of the project.

Stage 4

Regular Quality Control

At AgileTech, to control human resources, we evaluate our employees regularly so that we’re aware of each team member’s strengths and weaknesses. The total evaluation comprises employees and project manager’s evaluations as well as an assessment interview.

Based on what we learn, we then devise individual plans to refine the skills and qualifications of our staff. PM will thus strictly follow quality & timeline of the project.

Stage 5

Training & Motivating

Staff training and professional development are dependent on the goals set forth by the evaluation.

At AgileTech, we provide an array of employee trainings that include mentoring, attending seminars, external training and courses for developers. 

For motivating members, besides providing them chances to improve their skills, we create a cozy environment and quickly solve conflicts that may occur.

Industry Expertises

Knowledge and experience in industry-specific technology empowers us to build software products of any complexity with the best services.


– Fintech, Blockchain
– Banking, Investment
– Insurance, Policy & Claims

Travel & Hospitality

– Car Booking Services
– Homestay Booking Services
– Tour Booking Services


– E-learning
– E-book
– Learning Management System

Business Management

– System Management Portal
– Payroll Management
– Sales Channel Monitor

Beauty & Health

– Nail Salon Booking
– Mom & Baby Spa
– Dental Care Services


B2B, B2C, C2C Platforms that help business better managing and boosting sales.

Social Media

– Skills Sharing App
– Livestream
– Celeb & Fan Network

Supply Chain

– F&B
– Household
– Store and Retail Chain

Do you want to discover our other services?

We offer varying services, from software development services to rising technology development services (Blockchain, AI, Big Data, IoT, Cloud Migration…) to help your businesses tap into the digital world.

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