Cross-Platform App Development

Build Cross-Platform app with “one-code-fits-all”

We build and deliver single cross-platform applications to target both Android and iOS mobile platforms. Over an 8-year establishment, we make sure to create a high-performance, easier-ensure and native-like mobile app for multiple platforms quickly and on budget.

Two mobile applications, Reduced costs with One framework

Our team of developers, engineers and designers always utilise the experience and technology expertise achieved by years of operation to deliver cross-platform app solutions. We take care of the application development so customers will get a cutting-edge final product across a wide range of business sectors.

We are passionate about building secure and scalable mobile applications as well as checking how the application performs across multiple platforms. Cross-platform app development helps to ensure clients get the product that is compatible with both Android and iOS.

We are expert in

React Native

React Native allows developers to build cross-platform mobile app, using the common codebase.

With React Native, you will decrease:

  • Development time
  • Efforts for your project
  • Total costs
  • Number of developers


Flutter allows developers to build cross-platform app with a single codebase

With Flutter, you will reduce:

  • Development time
  • Release time
  • Costs
  • Number of developers

Our Process​



Have a close meeting with clients to have an insight into their ideas and know how to work appropriately



Conduct market research and business analysis to build the groundwork and set goals



Organise resources to propose the best strategy and plan for each team in design, content and programming



Develop with technical experts and test the functions to make sure bug-free



Deliver with detailed guidance documents & training



Support customers with a lifetime service

Our Cross-Platform App Development Services

Cross-Platform App Development Consultant

Our consultant will provide professional guidance on tech strategy to help businesses avoid bottlenecks when creating new products. An expert review is a good choice to improve your mobile app.

Cross-Platform UI/ UX Design

Our team of mobile app designers holds expertise in creating memorable and user-centric experiences across two platforms. We ensure the development of highly interactive and engaging interfaces for end-users.

Cross-Platform App Development

Our mobile app developers leverage modern technology stack and data to build unique and innovative Cross-Platform Apps. We create a comprehensive app and assist you continuously after releasing. 

Cross-Platform Application Testing

We ensure that your mobile application development is glitch-free and hack proof. We conduct manual and automated testing processes to make sure your apps meet the industry’s high standards and run smoothly.

How much will your Cross-Platform App cost?

Do you want to know how much does your Cross-Platform App cost? At AgileTech, we offer our solution that allows you to select the required functionality interactively and quickly and calculate the cost for you.

Contact us and calculate how much money you need to spend on building a hybrid mobile app. Our team will work closely with you to figure out. 

cross-platform app

Industry Expertises

Knowledge and experience in industry-specific technology empowers us to build mobile app of any complexity with the best services.


– Fintech, Blockchain
– Banking, Investment
– Insurance, Policy & Claims

Travel & Hospitality

– Car Booking Services
– Homestay Booking Services
– Tour Booking Services


– E-learning
– E-book
– Learning Management System

Business Management

– System Management Portal
– Payroll Management
– Sales Channel Monitor

Beauty & Health

– Nail Salon Booking
– Mom & Baby Spa
– Dental Care Services


B2B, B2C, C2C Platforms that help business better managing and boosting sales.

Social Media

– Skills Sharing App
– Livestream
– Celeb & Fan Network

Supply Chain

– F&B
– Household
– Store and Retail Chain

Why Choose Cross-Platform Development Services

Business Benefits

– Quicker MVP development
– Ideas validation with lower efforts
– Native-like app experience for users
– Attractive User Interface on any screen
– Tailor-made apps to satisfy specific needs

Tech Benefits

– Outstanding app performance
– Less time on testing step
– One codebase for iOS and Android apps
– Same module for different APIs
– Smooth 3rd parties integration

Do you want to discover our other services?

We offer varying services, from software development services to rising technology development services (Blockchain, AI, Big Data, IoT, Cloud Migration…) to help your businesses tap into the digital world.

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