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Back-end development service stands for creation, improvement and management of functionality “behind-the-scenes”: the engine of your software. Get the most out of software’s server side with backend development services provided by a developer team with proven skills and deep understanding.

Scalable Back-End Solutions that Support Your Vision

Our main goal of Backend development is to control what happens on the server end by understanding your business demands, creating top-notch solutions and leveraging the best back-end technologies.

As an experienced back-end development company, we built our tech stack to achieve the ultimate efficiency in web development. Leveraging our services, we build complex serve-sides layers, enable cloud integration and facilitate smart digital transformation strategies to maximise your core IT capabilities.

Our Back-End Development Services

We offer custom Back-End development services that help your software product become performant, secure, resilient and serve your business goals better.

Custom Back-end web development

 As a part of back-end development services, our developers create the software and enrich the server side of products used in business, offering appropriate solutions to unlock the potential of your growth.

Web Apps’ Back-end Development

We create solutions for various platforms: our web apps demonstrate reliability, power, fault tolerance and cost-effectiveness with a thoughtful approach to architecture, integrations, and technologies.

Software Cloud Enhancement

A deep approach and development expertise to PWA technologies give us a potential to create mobile versions of web solutions that guarantee users a native-like experience and flawless interaction on multiple devices.

Legacy Back-end Modernization

Our developer and analytical teams will carefully select approaches and tech tools, study your processes and technologies in use to give your software new superpowers with chosen backend development service.

Do you need to build a fault-tolerant Back-End?

Get a backend development service to equip your application with a robust backend software architecture. Request a call back and receive a full consultation from our tech experts.


Industry Expertises

Knowledge and experience in industry-specific technology empowers us to build mobile app of any complexity with the best services.


– Fintech, Blockchain
– Banking, Investment
– Insurance, Policy & Claims

Travel & Hospitality

– Car Booking Services
– Homestay Booking Services
– Tour Booking Services


– E-learning
– E-book
– Learning Management System

Business Management

– System Management Portal
– Payroll Management
– Sales Channel Monitor

Beauty & Health

– Nail Salon Booking
– Mom & Baby Spa
– Dental Care Services


B2B, B2C, C2C Platforms that help business better managing and boosting sales.

Social Media

– Skills Sharing App
– Livestream
– Celeb & Fan Network

Supply Chain

– F&B
– Household
– Store and Retail Chain

Our Core Framework

Our backend team approached the best development practices and integrations to transform the project requirements into a steady software architecture.


Node.js is a server environment based on the V8 JavaScript engine. It is excellent for integrating powerful streaming abilities to your apps, building cross-platform apps, fostering easy collaboration ideas as well as websites and backend API services, ensuring outstanding performance, adaptiveness and time to market for your software. Notably, one code can eliminate switching between frontend and backend.

  • Perfromant, scalable backend
  • Robust and fast real-time apps
  • Better response and loading time


 .NET is Microsoft’s framework allowing you to build a broad spectrum of software: from mobile apps to the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. This platform ensures development speed, simplicity in modifying applications and ease in deploying the product. Build high capacity apps with automatic memory management and support for emerging programming languages with our robust backend solutions.

  • Secure and reliable software
  • Interoperability and code reusing
  • Solutions for web, mobile and IoT

Databases for Backend Web Development Services


Offer stability and ensure efficient data integrity for operations


Craft a solid backend architecture and manage various forms of data


An all-inclusive database solution for a quality backend


Store and scale your heavy-load data with rock-solid stability

Do you want to discover our other services?

We offer varying services, from software development services to rising technology development services (Blockchain, AI, Big Data, IoT, Cloud Migration…) to help your businesses tap into the digital world.

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