Offshore company in Vietnam is currently popular NewsTech Blog
August 26, 2019

Vietnam – The Ideal Place To Offshore

Offshore programming definition can be understood simply by entrusting Software programming, Web system, Smartphone application,... to overseas companies. With this form, investors can both ensure…
The biggest cloud providers: Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. NewsTech Blog
August 15, 2019

Amazon Website Service vs Google Cloud Service

Not surprisingly, cloud computing has caused storms all over the world. For most businesses, the time of complex on-site and network-based server rooms has passed.…
Power BI and Google Data Studio are data visualization software that you can interact with data, analysis, presentation and more. AI - Big DataTech Blog
August 9, 2019

Power BI vs Google Data Studio in data visualization

To better understand their business data, companies use data visualization software. With this Business Intelligence (BI) software, you can interact with data, analysis, presentation and…