Top 5 Fleet Management Apps That Change Your Tracking Habit In 2020

95% enterprises which employ mobile workforces and fleets of vehicles would be in need of optimizing fleet management. Especially in SMEs, the managers often make the fleet management decisions themselves. So how can fleet managers improve fleet management system? Let\’s find out your answer with top 5 software fleet management apps below!

What Is Fleet Management?

Fleet management is the processes that  a company implements to productively operate vehicles and employees in support of technology. Not only improving efficiency, reducing costs, fleet management apps also help minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment. Therefore, fleet management ensure compliance across an entire fleet operation. As the result, fleet managers run at the most efficient capacity. In general, fleet management system is most commonly used for vehicle tracking. Industries that it engaged in is couriers, oil & gas delivery, utilities, repair & service industry businesses, etc. Moreover, this kinds of GPS tracking software is associated with delivery cars and trucks, and even the boating industry.

Benefits of Fleet Management Apps

Successful fleet management requires a broad and specialized skill set and a person who can thrive in a fast-paced environment. Great fleet managers are able to confidently make strategic business decisions. Based on solid data, fleet managers get best-in-class from fleet management software. You’ll find fleet managers in nearly every industry. Though the details of their roles may vary by organization, their impact consistently extends from customer’s satisfaction to total operational productivity. According to Statista, the global fleet management market will reach approximately 30 billion U.S. dollars by 2022.
Let\’s start with some advantages of fleet management apps (based on Teletrac Navman):
  • 55% of fleets reported reduced fuel costs from telematics software – a huge win considering that fuel is the largest expense for 32% of fleets.
  • 42% have seen fewer safety incidents since using fleet tracking software to monitor driver behavior.
  • Most fleets (74%) monitor vehicle and equipment location with telematics and a good number track hours of service (66%) and speed (61%), which are all key to efficient operations.
  • Telematics improves safety all around, with more than a quarter citing driver monitoring (32%), speed prevention (26%) and preventing driver fatigue/exhaustion (30%) as top telematics-related safety benefits.

How to improve fleet management efficiency?

Fleet management apps is no longer strange to those whose work are related to delivery or transportation. As business owners or supply and logistics stakeholders, they always concern about how to improve fleet management. However, it is still a big question for any companies even after years of experience in the field. It seems quite difficult for fleet owners to manage a huge amount of work smoothly, expenses to control, vehicles to maintain, and a staff to keep safe and on-task. All the things need to be done manually or just a little interference of automatical technology. For example, they need to wait for the drivers to report back after the completion of the errand, coordinate and contact through telephone only. All the things are apparently uncertain, elusive and ineffective. Therefore, if fleet managers want to stay on budget and keep their operation rolling, they need to make their fleet more efficient by using these GPS tracking apps suggested below. Read also: Best Tracking App: Top 8 Free GPS Location Tracker Apps 2020

Can you save budget with fleet management software?

With the development of GPS tracking apps, the fleet is now managed in a more sophisticated and efficient way than ever. Safety, security enhancement, cost cutting and comfort of vehicle occupants are all important priorities. Fleet owners must take the initiative to embrace all the fleet technology that is available. It may sound costly initially, but the benefits to reap are numerous. Among all the fleet technology, GPS tracking system plays an important part in the overall fleet management. It has been in use for a long time now and keeps on advancing its features. GPS Tracking Solution is an industry leader in providing tailored fleet management solutions and offers revolutionary technologies, advanced support and innovative ways for you to get the most out of your fleet. It is designed to meet the unique demands of the fleet telematics industry and work together to provide a complete, proactive approach to managing and administrating companies’ fleet and fleet’s drivers. Thanks to fleet management apps, companies can:
  • Optimize fuel consumption
  • Minimise vehicle wear and tear
  • Administrate working-hours
  • Identify unauthorised vehicle usage
  • Manage your insurance risk
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Track vehicles in real time

Top 5 Fleet Management Apps To Track Location

With the development of technological innovations, it is no longer difficult to find a solution related to tracking, fleet management, or field service management,… However, in this article, we suggest top 5 fleet management apps which are easiest to use, most efficient in terms of both pricing and productivity.

1. Google Maps

Google Maps seems to be the most familiar app with users all over the world. Its platform provides real-time location information for more than 200 countries (99% of the world). It has 3 different products for business: maps, routes and places. Maybe you can you this app regularly for individual purpose, however, from a larger view, it can be used for tracking in corporations. By using powerful mapping tools, fleet managers can have an overview of where all their service fleet vehicles are located geographically in real-time. Then they can use this data intelligence to plan cost-efficient routes and improve customer service. They can also gather analytics on driver performance. Offline maps for easy navigation without an internet connection. However, Google Maps is just suitable for small businesses where fleet management demand is still uncomplicated. Read also: Location Based App: How To Build a Geolocation App [Full Guide 2020]

2. Life360

Life360 is also a qualified tracking app but its specification is about family circle. It helps bring your family closer with smart features designed to protect and connect the people who matter most. You can get a detailed view of each circle member’s driving habits, see things like top speed, texting while driving, and more. Moreover, it’s easy to check out individual drives for specific info on route, kilometers logged, top speed, driving behavior, …. And where any driving events took place along the way can also be managed. Keep an eye on top speed while Circle members are en route — whether they’re behind the wheel, on public transit, or riding with friends. You can use Life360 in the area of your office, or your family, or your team,… anyone that you trust and are willing to share.

3. Onfleet

Onfleet is a San Francisco-based technology company that builds software for last mile delivery operations. It is the trusted last mile delivery solution for thousands of companies across dozens of industries including food and beverage, retail, e-commerce, furniture, pharmacy and more. Onfleet’s mission is to make it easy for every retailer to offer fast, affordable, and delightful delivery to customers. Its solutions offer implementation and consulting services to help automate your operational processes to ensure a seamless, efficient delivery ecosystem. Onfleet’s integrated route optimization engine considers time, location, capacity and traffic to produce the most efficient routing solutions. It also focus on what matters with time, team and status filtering. Moreover, search using text, time or status based queries to quickly find drivers, customers, or pickup/delivery tasks. Otherwise, it breezes through on-demand and hot-shot assignment with Onfleet’s powerful auto-dispatch engine, reduce service time and labor costs by sending to the right driver at the right time.

4. Samsara

Samsara is a unified system to increase the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of the operations that power our economy. It helps to:
  • Improve efficiency. Keep up with demand – dispatch, track your fleet with real-time GPS, leveraging weather and traffic data to exceed your customers’ expectations
  • Reduce overall spend. Reduce spend with fleet optimization, device WiFi, and insightful reporting on fuel management, monitor fuel usage and idle time across your entire fleet;
  • Optimize fleet. Get the most out of your fleet and prevent breakdowns with preventative reminders, over-the-air vehicle diagnostics, and real-time fault code alerts.

5. Track360

Track360 is a total solution provider in fleet telematics industry. This GPS tracking app offers both hardware and software products such as vehicle IoT gateway, sensors, smartphone app and cloud-based data analytics, web-based applications for both family and enterprises. The core value is to acquire vehicle’s hidden data and transform it into an analytical and actionable intelligence to further improve driving safety, save fuel expense, cut emissions as well as enhance efficiency. Features:
  • Track in real time – Everything is accessed over the web and mobile app.
  • Daily route maps – View all the journeys and routes taken on a day.
  • Live alert notifications – Be alerted to just the events you consider important.
  • Create geo-fences – Complete control and protect your assets and business.
  • Driver behavior – See speeding, harsh acceleration & braking, sharp turn, unnecessary idling, etc.
  • Reports & analytics – Data-rich reports generate analytics to help save you time and money.
Our custom software development company has experience in fleet management industry. Check out our Track360 software, which manages your fleet in a smarter way by planning smarter routes, analyzing fuel usage, monitoring driving habits. Therefore, Track360 is obviously the first app coming in your mind when considering about fleet management regardless of big corporations or small businesses.

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