Top 5 Web 3.0 Applications [2022]

Web developers are building a semantic, data-driven Internet to help the world in multiple and diverse purposes. Web 3.0 can be applied through the entire Internet rather than specific applications. Regardless, we have compiled a list of applications that everyone is already familiar with.

1. Siri

Apple users are not unfamiliar with the name Siri. This built-in virtual assistant can do basic commands like starting a call, setting alarms, web searching, etc. This is thanks to the pre-programmed algorithms behind the scene.

Siri is a prime example of how Web 3.0 can make life easier and help humans connect to everything in one touch. Machines that can communicate with each other to provide the most relevant result to the user. Developers can also combine other technologies like text-to-voice. For example: If you ask Siri how to fix a pipe, it will give the step-by-step without having to click in the article. The opportunities are endless: more accurate directions, focused search results and advertisements,…

Other virtual assistants like Amazon\’s Alexa and Google Virtual Assistant are joining the trend. According to Amazon\’s Rohit Prasad, Alexa will take a more active role in our daily life, and can even lead two-way conversations. 

apple siri can be a web 3.0 application

2. Facebook (Meta)

Facebook recently announced it would change the name to Meta. This is Zuckerberg’s further step to realizing the Metaverse. The Metaverse is essentially a virtual reality that mirrors our real world. People can have an identity within the Metaverse through avatars.

The Metaverse is not exactly an application but acts complementary to Web 3.0. Web 3.0 encourages decentralization, and Metaverse allows avatars to move, trade and socialize freely without restrictions.

To summarize, the Metaverse can be the place for work, entertainment, trading, etc. However, all of these are still being developed. The Metaverse needs many different technologies like connectivity, cloud services, interfaces,… to enable the entire ecosystem.

Metaverse future of the internet

3. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a search engine developed by Wolfram Research. This is an online service that can answer questions directly by calculating answers from structured data. Compared to Google, it can give you a set of statistics and more actions rather than only a list of articles.

Wolfram Alpha is one of the best Web 3.0 applications thanks to its computational intelligence. Its ability to calculate or gather all the related information relating to a query is more significant than existing search engines. In the future, innovators can combine the foundation technology of Wolfram Alpha with other technologies to create the most convenient experience for Internet users.

4. Storj

Storj is a cloud storage, which uses a form of technology similar to Blockchain and encrypts data before uploading.

What is special about Storj is that it provides top-tier privacy and security. Storj split the information into 80 pieces then distribute them to nodes all over the globe. Users have a unique encryption key to access their data, and this key cannot be recovered once lost. This application also has its own token.

Other than that, its features are similar to that of Google Drive. Users can upload, share files and perform other tasks. Users can remove fears of hacking or single point of failure.

5. Brave Browser

One of the favorite applications right now is the Brave browser. Brave gives users more privacy than ever with ad-block and malware protection. On top of that, Brave also has a surf-to-earn feature that helps user earn more income.

The browser now has over 12 million daily active users and a large community. Internet users praise Brave for getting rid of creepy trackers and annoying advertisements as well as a built-in VPN. Its creators are planning to make Brave a super app browser in the future. But, here is the best thing of all: it is completely free to use. So the next time you think about switching to safer browsers, how about Brave?

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