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Super app: Top 7+ Asia\’s leading quality super apps [2022 edition]

Super apps have been developing day by day in Asia in particular and the world in general. Therefore, developers are all in a race to change consumer habits and win the market.

After only 2 years, many new names have appeared in the top of the leading quality super apps that are popular with users in Asia. Super apps are now an essential part of daily life, allowing users to experience and use all utilities on only one application.

Let\’s update Top 7+ Asia\’s leading quality super apps in 2022!

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“Super apps” open up a multitasking ecosystem for users 

Mike Lazaridis, founder of RIM stated that: “Super apps are a self-contained ecosystem of apps that people will use every day because they provide a seamless, integrated, contextual, and efficient experience.”

Super apps are created by a company that offers more than one product or service. Initially, companies will create apps starting with just one basic function. Then integrate multi-solutions, services strike exactly into the psychology of consumers.

The ecosystem is only through a single interface but possesses full features. Which is calling a car, delivering goods, delivering food, shopping online; or payment solutions such as e-wallets, electricity payments, phone top-up, money transfer, etc. This contributes to saving phone capacity and time when not having to open multiple applications at the same time.

Thanks to that big data, developers can optimize the value obtained from users through the analysis and prediction of users\’ habits and behavior accurately. At the same time, consumers have the benefit of saving time; by one click can use many essential services every day.

Therefore, with the ability to meet diverse needs and simple payment methods, super apps are increasingly having a strong impact on the economy and habits of Asian users.

Top 7+ leading super apps in Asia

1. Grab

First is Grab – the leading multi-service super app in Southeast Asia. With a mission to promote and develop Asia through efforts to empower everyone in the region economically, Grab has made a name for itself. According to Fortune:

“In this region, the super app model is growing faster than anywhere else in the world. Grab is one of the names that show the clearest ambition to win.”

Grab first mentioned its ambition to become a \”super app\” in mid-2018. Starting from a ride-hailing service, up to now, the brand has maximized ride-hailing services including GrabBike; GrabCar; GrabTaxi; JustGrab… Therefore, users will have a variety of choices which suitable for their time and costs.

Grab with its strong potential has thoughtfully helped customers to experience multiple services by only one application: GrabExpress freight forwarding, GrabFood food delivery, Moca e-wallet – transfer money, pay all expenses,…

Super app Grab

It can be seen that Grab is dominating and increasingly asserting its leading position. This is a diverse ecosystem that provides consumers full benefits.

2. Go-Jek

Gojek founder – Makarim has a saying: “When you digitize those human activities, you create a new vision around how a city works.” With that criterion, Gojek aims to provide at least three super apps – a super app for users, a super app for drivers, and a super app for restaurants.

Super app Gojek wishes to rapidly develop; however, still lasting, sustainable, and bringing many social impacts. Gojek, therefore, develops towards perfection around three spearheads: ride-hailing, food ordering, and payment.

Super app Gojek

Super app Gojek has brought an inseparable part of life for many audiences. For users, it is a smooth, favorable daily life. For small and medium-sized businesses, it\’s an income opportunity and a tool to get their job done.

3. Line

Founded in 2000, LINE is the only popular chat application in Japan. But up to now, LINE has become a super app that provides multi-services from communication; purchase payment; credit card, online bill, buy stock, trade fx, bitcoin, etc. And Line is now popular with 185 million monthly users globally.

Super app Line

4. Kakao

Launched in 2010, KakaoTalk has dominated the free calling and messaging market in Korea. More than 10 years have passed, up to now, KakaoTalk has become a super app. This is also an indispensable part of the Asian market.

KakaoTalk became a super app with many services: search engine; game services, music; shopping; payment… With efforts to expand to different fields, KakaoTalk is becoming a platform of daily life, connecting everything.

5. Paytm

Next is Paytm, a popular at-home mobile wallet service worth up to $18 billion. It is also receiving great support from Alibaba – the giant e-commerce that competes with Tencent.

“If your app serves a certain amount of transactions in a day, you have a good chance of beating many businesses that generate little,” said Vijay Shekhar Sharma, founder and CEO of Paytm”.

Super app Paytm

Paytm has the intending to attract people\’s attention and monopolize user activities on mobile devices. Therefore, super app Paytm has attracted users with a variety of features from messaging, booking tickets movies, plane and train tickets; shopping for shoes, books, games to the privilege of enjoying all services from Paytm Mall e-commerce center.

6. WeChat

A study has shown that users spend an average of 77 minutes a day on WeChat. That\’s why WeChat always at the top of super apps providing services with the same efficiency as WhatsApp, Instagram, Google, Facebook, and PayPal.

WeChat has become the most popular and top trending “super app” with 400 million daily users while providing full utilities. Everything becomes convenient with just Wechat: optimize the experience when paying bills, playing games, booking medical appointments, booking taxis, renting bicycles, buying food, etc.

Super app WeChat

WeChat is creating miracles with growth from zero to more than 1 billion users. Therefore, WeChat is recognized as the most successful Internet product in China over the past decade. WeChat\’s value goes beyond numbers as it keeps people connected while providing a range of life-changing services.

7. AliPay

Ant Group CEO – Simon Hu has the desire to bring Alipay become not only a financial service provider, a payment gateway for the world\’s largest e-commerce platforms, but also an application that meets needs from grocery shopping to property management, hotel booking, and lending.

While also selling technology solutions such as AI, blockchain, and risk control to businesses that need it, the Alipay allows users to personalize and pin the company\’s frequently used services plan to use algorithms to focus more on Alipay\’s landing page.

Moreover, Alipay wants to take advantage of super apps to help users get faster access to services through their platform. And now they have successfully placed on the list of top super apps in Asia.

The future of super apps

Thus, the super apps were born to enhance the user experience by providing most services. It\’s built on a social networking platform; ensures comprehensiveness; provides financial services; meets privacy regulations; or allows integration of 3rd party applications, etc.

The above article of AgileTech affirms that it will be obvious when in the future, there will continue to be countless new super apps, meeting all the needs of users. In other words, super apps are becoming \”the future of the mobile industry\”.

The bright future of super apps

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