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Web App Ideas for 2020: How to generate a unique one?

There are numerous possibilities when creating an app, which makes the process extremely daunting. Generating app ideas can take you months, and building an app from your ideas will take a huge amount of money. That’s why you need to be careful from the very first step of creating your app ideas. 

In this article, we will take you through steps that you must take when generating app ideas, from considering your internal factors to examine the external environment.



Your business

Your app ideas should represent everything about your company, from its appearance to its core values and pain points. 

Start by defining your company’s physical appearance to customers. Do customers know about your company as the type that prefers face-to-face conversations with them or mostly interacts online via social channels? Does your company need a strong online presence or not?

Secondly, take a closer look at your company’s mission statement. What are your company’s core values? How can your app live up to your vision? Customers need to see the consistency between your words and actions.

Lastly, list down your pain points. What are the points that need to be fixed? Do you have solutions for them?

Your customers

Their characteristics can be shown a lot in the time they spend interacting with your business and products/services. Pay attention to details on when and where they interact with you. Create a profile for each of your customers: their purchases, complaints and compliments, advice and recommendation. This will help you to generate some app ideas to solve current problems with customers.

After observing your customers, talk to them. You must listen to their concerns, send them surveys, questionnaires, etc. If you thoroughly understand their needs, you can add more value to their experience, beyond what they expect to receive from you.

Strategic and marketing plan

Whatever you do, you need to stick to the business plan. Analyze your plan again: What have you achieved? Do you need any improvement in these areas? What have you not achieved yet? Can you use technology to make it better? Can you come up with any app idea to tackle those problems in the past with modern methods?

Take a look at your marketing. Marketing plays a crucial part in every company as it affects sales team, promotion, advertising, partnerships. Ask yourself whether you can transform any parts into your app for better effectiveness with less expenses. 

App ideas from your competitors

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. It is better to carefully keep track of what your competitors are doing. Just like you, they are eager to try new things, apply new technology to catch up with the latest trends. You can learn from them and catch up by replicating their ideas with your own twists.

You can analyze what they are having and missing, close the gap that they are yet to fill. Sometimes it is not all about the new ideas, but the innovation that makes an idea better. 

The industry as a whole

To develop your own business, you need to look at the industry as a whole. See what is trending in different markets. There are apps that can help you with this, Springwise, Trendwatching, Inc, for instance. However, they gather data worldwide so it may not show the real effect of these trends on your local business and market. Make sure to read more blogs and articles to take lessons from different perspectives, and see what you should apply to your target market. 

From both analyzed data and experiences from others, you can generate your own app ideas while ensuring that they are up to date and (should be) profitable.

Effective web app ideas from businesses outside your industry

Learning from competitors is good, but it can limit your perspective within your industry only. You can see most businesses only analyze good/bad case practices in their industries, resulting in businesses offer a similar service in the long run. They just put another coat over the same product/service.  

Other industries have their specialties that can be adjusted to fit in your business. Therefore, ask yourself what you can take from other industries, whether if you can merge them into your one and only product/service.




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Generating app ideas is never an easy job and we hope this article helps you clarify which steps to make. Look back at what you have done, what are you doing and what should you target in the future. Understand your customers and competitors. Broaden your vision to the whole industry and other industries as well. If you have something in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us, our team is always ready to make your ideas work. You can share with us at [email protected] or (+84) 936 281 059.

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