15+ Brilliant Web App Ideas To Make Money For Startups In 2021

Today, 1.85 million different apps are available on iOS App Store to download. Android users have even more from which to choose, with 2.56 million available through the Google Play Store. Therefore, coming up with fresh web app ideas isn’t an easy task. However, thanks to its incredible growth and promisingly high revenue, many entrepreneurs are trying to make money in this field. If you are looking for web app ideas, we have listed 15+ brilliant ideas for startups to conquer the world in 2021. There are various trending categories including EdTech, FinTech, Cybersecurity, HealthTech, AutoTech, and more. As a result, we hope that our selection will inspire you with the best web app ideas to start!

15 + interesting web app ideas

Here are the best web app project ideas for startups:

Web app ideas for healthcare industry

1. Alert about potential disease outbreak

During the time of COVID 19, a lot of patients were getting diagnosed with cases of pneumonia. Could this outbreak have been recognized earlier than it actually was? Yes,  it definitely happens with the help of machine learning. The machine learning app idea can help hospitals and governments identify COVID-19 outbreak much earlier. It also helps them take immediate measures for prevention. For example, according to Live Science, AI can “absolutely” help curb the spread of the pandemic by helping to detect people with asymptomatic disease. It can also detect the difference between people who have other illnesses such as the flu and those who have COVID-19.
The covid-19 tracker app by Athony

2. Personalized treatment recommendation

AI-based data processing help mental health practitioners re-define mental illnesses more objectively than currently done. In addition, AI techniques identify these illnesses at an earlier or prodromal stage and personalize treatments based on an individual’s unique characteristics. This data processing solution also helps hospitals streamline their workflows and better manage patient care.

3. Virtual health assistant

Another greatest advantage of machine learning app is that the data will deliver more personalized treatment suggestions. First, it requires data about medicines, treatment methods for all kinds of minor illnesses, along with data about their dosage, and possible side-effects. After that, this medical app can monitor your health conditions as well as alert family members if your health deteriorates.

4. Doctor on demand

With this kind of telemedicine app, you can receive remote healthcare services from a doctor without having to wait in their office. Building a doctor on-demand app allows doctors to gain real-time access to a patient’s vital signs from anywhere in the world. The mobile solution determines them measure a patient’s condition whether hospitalization is necessary. These ideas are in high demand and will bring good ROI in the present and long term. However, such an app requires heavy investment to ensure that the customer’s data is secured. If you are planning to build a telemedicine app for healthcare, then you must read this blog. It will help you analyze the current market need.
Telemedicine App: How To Build Doctor On-Demand App For Healthcare?

Web app ideas in retail & eCommerce industry

More brands are relying on technology to attract leads and increase sales. They are switching to an online platform, implementing app and other third-party software to enhance the shopping experience.

5. Personalized chatbot for eCommerce website

Do machine learning algorithms and data help customers make better buying decisions? Yes. The use of product recommendations helps Amazon drive 35% of overall sales. This idea goes beyond. For instance, the buyer is looking for a women’s office bag. She needs to know the differences between the two bags. Now, she can ask a chatbot. It understands what a buyer needs specifically. Based on reviews and comments about the products, it tells the user which is similar and different from each other.

6. Digital shopping performance

Let’s imagine you are a store owner. How do you know what items most customers want? Through the data of purchases made from your store, the retail app can determine the products that have the highest demand. Additionally, this algorithm knows where exactly customers are finding products. Together with the marketing team, now you can the test performance of your websites and apps as well as track the effectiveness of push notifications.

7. AR/VR

Now many large retailers are trialing AR alongside other forms of XR to enhance shopping experiences. One example is the luxury brand Gucci. In July 2020, the brand partnered with Snapchat to allow potential buyers to virtually try on shoes. Users could then “click to buy” or just share snaps of the shoes “at their feet” with their followers. A new strategy not only attenuates the hit of reduced footfall in stores since Covid-19 but also engages Gen-Z future buyers.
Gucci debut AR try-on lens with Snapchat
Meanwhile, in an interview with The Drum, Lubomira Rochet, the chief digital officer of L’Oréal stated: “We now consider virtual make-up try on to be the base of any experience. At the end of the day, the only barrier to buying [a product] is wondering what it will look like.” In fact, thanks to the acquisition of AR, the beauty giant has increased 3 fold in conversions throughout its website.

8. QR code on product

In the wake of the pandemic, QR codes are a game-changing technique for a physical and digital world. It acts as a gateway for directing traffic generated offline to gain online visibility. Take QR codes as an example. Nike used QR codes to create custom QR codes shoes for customers. They collaborate with WeChat, the famous messaging app from China. First, the customers had to scan a QR code to follow Nike. Next, users customized their shoes with colors and send it to Nike. Then Nike will respond with the shoes of which colors match with the picture.

Best web app ideas in FinTech

The FinTech industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. From personal digital assistants, saving and investment tools to payment processing, the FinTech industry is changing as we know it daily.

9. Personal finance management app

Because consumers want to know more about their earnings and savings, this web app idea makes both investors and startups look ahead to build personal finance apps. It can categorize their expenses and incomes, and track them in real-time to get a better understanding of how to manage their finance smartly and effectively. On the other hand, if you are planning for shopping, the app using machine learning and artificial intelligence can analyze your money spending limit as per the monthly tasks.
Web application for financial management tool by Vladimir Gruev

10. Digital wallets

Digital wallets allow users to make payments within a few taps with an escape from carrying physical wallets or credit/debit cards. All you need is your smartphone. The digital wallet market has been forecasted to rise to $7,581.91 by the year 2024. This is the reason why you should pick this idea among various web app ideas to step into the financial market.

11. Insurtech solution

The global insurtech market was valued at USD 1.5 Bn in 2018 and flourish with a CAGR of 43.0% between 2019-2025. As the result, many insurance companies have the opportunity to enhance customer experience by analyzing a heap of user data, understanding user needs, managing risks, and much more. With the incorporation of the latest technologies like AI, IoT, and Machine learning, it is safe to assume that many companies will start building insurance apps to adapt the digitalization.

12. Loan lending app

The idea is to qualify borrowers for credit and loans in real-time by taking into account all their financial history. On one side, these applications enable borrowers to set the maximum loan rates they can manage. While, on the other side, they let lenders bargain with each other to offer funds at the lowest rate. And this way, get more customers or borrowers. Financial data is such a personal and vital thing. So it is imperative to secure this sort of information and this can be only done by making use of a secure cross-platform. For that reason, you should hire dedicated developers who can fulfill all requirements as per your business need.

Best web app ideas in education & E-learning

It would be no wrong to say that eLearning is the next big trend in the education industry. This trend has resulted in a big spike in the demand for educational app development.

13. Smart tutor

This app idea is designed to help students in many problem areas including learning languages, math, or better engage a student in school. Through apps, students communicate with experts wherever they are. They easily clear their doubts by questioning an experienced teacher also. A private tutor app is suitable for students of all ages. If users are younger students, it will help them learn new words, or offer activities and puzzles to learn core skills. Meanwhile, for older students, tutor apps focus on improving specific skills, offering activities and quizzes to improve their understanding of different subjects.

14. Educational games

Another interesting web app idea is creating an education app with several quizzes and games. For instance, games and quizzes can relate to grammar, mathematics, and general knowledge questions. It helps students learn and examine all in one platform. For example, Animal Jam is an online virtual world originally created in collaboration with the National Geographic Society. It teaches kids about zoology and ecology with games, adventures, and parties and online social elements. With 160 million registered users, this is one of the largest virtual worlds for kids. Especially, parents can control to lock down the app if they desire.

15. Personalized eLearning app for student

This eLearning app prepares an appropriate time table of subjects for a student to learn online. In this way, the lessons are optimized in a pattern that lets a student learn the most. It also eases the tasks of parents and helps students to save time by building the study plan. This type of app can be developed by utilizing AI techniques. This application allows you to search the top eLearning platforms. It’s necessary to add or suggest the different courses that fit student’s needs.

16. Classroom management tool

The platform is a very helpful tool for teachers to gather and generate data on the behavior of students. This information is shared in real-time with the administration and parents in order to update them quickly about the progress and status of a student in a class. ClassDojo is a typical example. By using this tool, teachers have a number of predefined behavior options under the categories of positive and negative behaviors. They can also add new behavior options to the list as well. In particular, the app provides a secure communication method for teachers to send feedback about a student to their parents, similar to a continuous progress report on how the children are doing.
ClassDojo’s student dashboard

Interesting ideas in travel web app development

Traveling around the world has recently become a popular trend. Thanks to technology, the travel industry allows simplifying the process from A to Z, from booking the tickets to the convenient tour search, etc.

17. Virtual reality tourism

Miguel Flecha, a travel and hospitality expert, said to BBC that VR will be a vital tool in helping familiarize travelers with a new environment and help slowly rebuild consumer confidence. VR technologies can be a cost-effective and potent way to help clients feel more comfortable – and more willing to travel. So you need to take advantage of the AR technology. All the best travel apps have AR or VR features. It’s not a cheap option but sometimes the game is worth the candle, and this is exactly the case.


As you can see, these web app ideas are utilized in various sectors such as Healthcare, eCommerce, Travel & Hospitality, Banking & Financial, and so on. We hope this blog helped you in analyzing the best web app ideas for your future startup. Additionally, if any of these ideas inspire you, let’s contact us for consultation. If you have any questions, let’s contact us via: Related articles:

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