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App Development Cost: How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App?

By March 31, 2020November 13th, 20203 Comments

app development cost how much does it cost to develop app by agiletechWhat is app development cost? How much does it cost to make an app? In fact, the cost of app development depends on what you are trying to accomplish. You get what you pay for. You can barely look forward to building an amazing app for just few dollars. However, spending tons of app dev cost doesn’t guarantee you success. So, here’s what you need to know!

No software outsourcing company can exactly estimate your app development cost without knowing functionality you want to implement.  The number of functions and technical issues such as business logic, development team location, etc. will have an effect on the average cost of app development.

With the result, we will help you understand budget to build an powerful app. Our dedicated team has analyzed 5 keys budget factors to effectively to calculate app development cost. Therefore, you will be able to reduce app pricing and pay attention to mobile app cost drivers upfront.

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App development cost: Major factors

Below we have gathered a table of 5 factors to help you understand the app development cost with the estimated number of hours. So that, you will have a clear picture of how much time and money it would take!

Platform (iOS vs. Android)

Is there any difference in app development cost based on different platforms? Sure. They are based on different programming language, SDKs and tools. For example, Swift and Objective-C for iOS, Java and Kotlin for AndroidBut if you want to build both, the total app development cost will higher.

Actually, there is no big price discrepancy in app dev cost. To build an app like Uber, developers need about:

  • iOS: ~ 408 hours
  • Android: ~ 432 hours

Native app, Hybrid app and Flutter

These different types of apps are not priced equally. If you want to develop a native app, you’ll have to make another decision on iOS or Android. For a hybrid platform, you can launch both Apple and Android apps, which is much easier and less expensive for you. And Flutter? By using a Flutter project, you can comparatively reduce the cost of creating up to 60%. In other words, Flutter can cut the average cost of an app without affecting its quality.

Let’s take a look at Netflix app to see more:

  • iOS: ~ 440 hours
  • Android: ~ 435 hours
  • Flutter: ~ 530 hours

Complexity of Features

Our dedicated team finds that estimates cost also based widely on app features, design complexity, and software development stages.

As a result, there is a difference in app development cost between core features and complex features:

  • Basic messaging app: ~ 160 hours
  • Complex messaging app: ~ 360 hours

UI/UX Design

The app market is competitive. Whether your app is, the first impression counts. Graphic design is important and user experience is everything. Great app designers can make your app look so good from 20-200+ hours, which depends on the app.

Software Outsourcing Company

Finally, your tech partner’s location also affects mobile app development costs. Outsourcing in emerging Asian countries like Vietnam will save your budget more, while the quality is still the same.

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How to define app development costs

After understanding all these factors, next question is how to calculate cost to develop an app? How is the pricing structure of app development? Let’s have a look with us!

Mobile app cost calculator

There are many handy cost calculator tool for app development cost. You just need to select the app features, platform, describe your app idea. Then, this tool will get back to you with the timelines and answer how much does it cost to make an app. Here’s the simple cost calculating formula that you can use figure out the cost of mobile applications for your business:

mobile app development cost formula by agiletechDefine the right price models

After calculating these costs, you should think about how to reduce your average app development cost. Dive in tips to reduce your app development budget. In IT outsourcing, there are 3 common types of price models. Understand them does not only help your business, but also be helpful to decrease the cost of the overall app.

Fixed Price

  • Perfect solution for short-term projects
  • Consumer and vendor agree on a steady ‘fixed price’ for the service
  • The price is estimated by outsourcing company based on the well-defined scopes
  • However, there is little flexibility under this contract

Time & Materials

  • Ideal for long-term cooperation
  • The customer pays the outsourcing partner for work time and used materials
  • On the other hand, it allows a great level of flexibility in development

Dedicated Team Development

  • Usually used for long-term projects with changeable conditions and scale
  • The whole team is in one place, no delays to begin, no misunderstanding and cost savings
  • Being highly motivated, offshore developers quickly react to any issues and changes

App dev cost by stages

After looking at these app development costs, now let’s talk about stages. If you are thinking that your job is finished once the app is deployed – you are in the wrong direction. It should start from business strategy, project scope, costs and time estimates to UI/UX design and many other steps.

For your better understanding, we have an approximate hour of the team members like business analysts, project manager, development, testing and graphic design. Have a look at this cost breakdown and calculate the average app development cost.

Business analysis

If you are working with an outsourcing team, business analysis is an essential step. BA team knows the actual scope and app cost with overall market profitability. And, it helps to develop data quality and ensure business reporting.

Generally, research and planning take up to 2-4 weeks. The latter relates to large-scale projects that last for 3-5 months.

UI/UX design

Next, you should work on the UI/UX of the app. Because the app interface is everything these days. They optimize the tasks for smooth in-app navigation and build a great product.

By the way, the estimated time of UI/ UX design depends on the number of screens, complexity features or custom animation. In a small app, it takes for 3-4 weeks. While the medium or large application counts up to 12 weeks.

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App development

The more features of your app is, the more time developers need to build it. They code for app, integrate features, fix bugs, and upgrades advanced features. Then if you want many feature in app, the app development cost will increase.

User login with email, forget password option takes about 30 hours. At the same time, the basic messaging app (chat, online/offline status, push notifications, etc) takes 150-160 hours.

QA Testing

This step tests each part of the app, design quality in order to ensure the product meets project requirements. In fact, an app shouldn’t launch to the market without a QA team.

Now, after knowing the huge influence of each app cost, let’s take a look at this table!

app cost development by stages agiletechProject Management

Finally, the major task of P.M is to communicate with the team to avoid mistakes. Simultaneously, every detail of the client is translated by the project manager. The time also has different may reach up to 400 hours, which depends on its complexity.

Factors in additional costs

Building a mobile app isn’t only about its development – there are many other development costs. You’ll need to allocate resources to pay a team to maintain, support, and update the app over a specified period.

  • Resources and budgets to market the apps
  • Budgets for backend support
  • Spend additionally towards updates
  • AWS Servers, APIs, libraries
  • App maintenance costs: bug fixing, adding new features, code optimization

Additionally, a business owner always looks at immediate expenses to build an app. Then they ignore planning the project that is required development into the crucial stages. So that, an app can be completed only when all the support functions are in place.

How much does it cost to make an app?

The answer is not “one size fits all”. Because lots of different factors impact on app development cost. Every mobile app has a unique business goal and target to particular users.

As you can see on this guide, the app development cost depends on who builds your app, how it gets built, and what you want your app to do. Besides this, you need to take into account the software development company country, since the hourly rate mobile app developer is different from its location.

  • United States: $50 – $150/hour
  • Western Europe: $40-60/hour
  • Eastern Europe: $25 – $50/hour
  • Vietnam: $10-25$/hour

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