8 Best Free Employee Tracking App [2021 Edition]

It\’s easy to monitor work hours and activities of employees while they are working in the office. However, things get more complicated if travel and transit is part of your business. Especially, in the post of COVID-19, employee tracking industry has been constantly developing. No matter what kind of your business is, it\’s vital to know where your employees are and when they get work done. That\’s why you need employee GPS tracking app. GPS tracking app is useful for both employer and staff. But there are a growing number of apps that track employee time and location. So which app is the best for employee GPS tracking? Here, we will introduce top 10 GPS location app to increase productivity and assert control over your business.

Best Employee Tracking App For Android and iOS

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we shop and socialize with other people. And above all, because of the virus, it has transformed how we work. Many companies across the globe have moved their operations to remote work. With GPS time tracking app, supervisors can ensure the safe and productivity of their remote staffs. You will know the employee’s location, identify people who are in an emergency. Therefore, you can send the best help as possible. Below, we are going to explore the pros and cons when using employee GPS tracking app. We also give you the price. This way helps you inform decisions which apps are suitable for managing employees. Here are top best tracking app for employee:
  • Hubstaff
  • Tsheets
  • TimeCamp
  • Twib
  • GeoPro
  • Clockify
  • Domo
  • Vacation tracker

1. Hubstaff: Employee Time & GPS Tracking

First, Hubstaff is an employee time tracking app with GPS. It help teams understand how they use time. So they can maximize their productivity. Since its first launch 2012, Hubstaff has continued to build a powerful management tool. The app is becoming a perfect solution as more accurate GPS location service.

Hubstaff features

  • Detailed reporting
  • Employee monitoring and scheduling
  • GPS tracking
  • Online time sheets
  • Payroll
  • Productivity measurement
  • Project budgeting
Hubstaff’s dashboard

Who Hubstaff is best for?

  • An all-in-one business tool for mobile fleets, sales teams, and remote companies.
  • A remote workers or freelancers who need a time tracker with a geofencing capability.
  • Those who want to automatically track time when a team member enters or leaves the location.

Hubstaff pricing

Plans Monthly Pricing ($/user/mo) Annual Pricing ($/user/mo)
Free $0 $0
Basic $7 $5.38
Premium $10 $8.33
Enterprise $20 $16.67
In free version for iOS and Android app, Hubstaff\’s users can see time spent in transit vs. time spent at a job or client site, which give you a clear picture of how your team works. Besides, the app allows to track time, activity levels (rated by checking mouse and keyboard usage), limited screenshots and payments also.

Hubstaff pros and cons

Pros Cons
A very user friendly app Limited features for solo freelancers
Great tech support and customer service Payment options are a bit sort
Lots of added functionality beyond just time tracking
Hubstaff has mobile apps for both Android and iOS, which help you monitor your team even when they’re out in the field or working remotely. Download Hubstaff on Android and iOS.

2. Tsheets Time Tracker

Second, TSheets supports plenty of features including GPS tracking, clocking in and out, changing job codes, and performing other time tracking and management actions on-the-go. It can give you a real-time insight on where your employees are and what they are working on. Therefore, as a managers, you can efficiently assign projects and tasks to the right person.

Tsheet features

  • Supports GPS tracking
  • Easily monitor your employees
  • Generate a convenient map of activities for the day
  • Track the status of each project
  • Streamline payroll
  • Send invoices
  • Add-on Time Clock ‘Kiosk’
  • Automatically sync accurate employee time tracking data
The TSheets scheduling dashboard

Who Tsheets is best for?

  • Both small and large businesses, and companies from all different types of industries.
  • Companies with mobile employees who need to handle their remote workforce.

Tsheets pricing

Premium Elite
Monthly Fees ($/user/mo) $8 $10
Base Fees ($/mo) $20 $40
Elite has all the same features as premium. But with the premium version, there are few upgrades including geofencing, timesheet signatures, and project activity feed and messaging. If you’re interested in trying this employee tracking GPS app, then you’ll be glad to learn that it offers a 14-day free trial.

Tsheets pros and cons

Pros Cons
Awesome customer support The scheduling module is a bit lacking
Auto-syncing with QuickBooks Online Sometimes randomly clock employees out for no reason
Easy to track time per project
Track employee time and ability to verify through GPS
Tsheets combines high-tech expertise with friendly real-world insight for both website and Android/ iOS. Owners and managers can keep track of everything like employees, locations, notes, job codes, even paid time off, vacation and holiday hours in real time. Download Tsheets for website, Android and iOS.

3. Time Tracking App TimeCamp

Another employee location tracking app is TimeCamp. With TimeCamp, users can manage billable hours, time tracking, invoices and attendance. To facilitate efficient time tracking, this software includes automated scheduling, goal management, GPS tracking, real-time analytics, and productivity reporting.

TimeCamp features

  • Time tracking by project
  • Real-time analytics and updates
  • GPS tracking
  • Budget control
  • Billable hours and tracking
  • Activity dashboard
  • Data import and export
  • Offline access
  • Time sheet management
TimeCamp dashboard

Who TimeCamp is best for?

  • An attorney, business consultant, or IT agency owner
  • Those who need GPS tracking app for employee to monitor billable units, create and send invoices, and measure productivity levels as TimeCamp offers tools to get those done.

TimeCamp pricing

Plans Monthly Pricing ($/user/mo) Annual Pricing ($/user/mo)
Solo $0 $0
Basic $5.25 $7
Pro $7.50 $10
Enterprise Customized Customized
For free forever plan, TimeCamp enables you to track your activity in the tasks that you spend time on given its productivity reports. It also features basic time tracking, unlimited projects and tasks, and mobile and desktop apps.

TimeCamp pros and cons

Pros Cons
Track a team\’s performance at a glance Setting up the automatic time tracking might take a bit of time to get it right
Automatic time tracking Do not offer refunds in billing practices
Easy and insightful reports A complex UI—especially when handling the task bar
Quick integration with more than 100 apps and work tools
If you are finding a simple tool to measure everything your business needs, you should try TimeCamp. It offers seamless integration with numerous popular applications including Xero, Slack and Asana. Download TimeCamp on iOS, Android and desktop.

4. Twib: Sales Reporting & GPS Employee Tracking

Next, Twib will facilitate the company to get the total kilometers traveled by the individual employee. Together with the routes and the starting and end points. In addition, this GPS sales tracking app also shows their phone status, location image and starting and end points of GPS.

Twib features

  • Live tracking employee\’s location
  • Report visits or check-ins directly with date, time, address, and other details as needed
  • Manage sale reporting
  • Keeps a track on employees’ attendance
  • Keep records of business expenses
  • Assign task remotely
  • Offline mode

Who Twib is best for?

  • Those who are work from home
  • Business that want to grow sales by optimizing sales team travels and activity on the field

Twib pricing

Plans Monthly Pricing ($/user/mo) Annual Pricing ($/user/mo)
Free ₹0 ₹0
Basic ₹199 ₹99
Enterprise ₹499 ₹299
If you choose free sales employee tracking plan, companies can get the live updates of the visits/check-ins, keep track of business expenses as well as capture location from where the employee starts or end attendance.

Twib pros and cons

Pros Cons
Monitor and keep track of team\’s activity via GPS tracking Lack of flexibility
 Detailed analytics reports
Tons of tools to win any challenges
So if you need the free sales employee tracking app, Twib may fit your need. What makes Twib stand out is map based check-in, expense management, attendance tracking, offline mode, work assign, cloud based, and many more. Download Twib on iOS and Android.

5. GeoPro

GeoPro is an employee check-in and safety alert monitoring solution that makes it easy to protect employees working alone. It is a complete employee safety tracking app that integrate all in one check-in, emergency alerting and monitoring solution.

GeoPro features

  • Define your emergency protocols
  • Manage check-in schedules
  • Centralize alert management
  • Incident logs and reports
  • Real-time account management

Who GeoPro is best for?

  • Employees that work alone
  • Companies which have a workforce is 10 or 1000, and need to ensure the safety and protection of employees working alone.

GeoPro pricing

Plans for safety managers:
  • Admin: $15/month
  • Monitor: $15/month
Plans for lone workers:
  • GeoPro Mobile App (for Android and iOS): $15/month
  • inReach (satellite-based): Choose a monthly subscription
You can try GeoPro for 30 days for free. Your free trial features including one admin license, up to three GeoPro mobile app licenses and Geo emergency monitoring service.

GeoPro pros and cons

Pros Cons
Simplifies monitoring of employee well-being and check-in Sometimes, lots of different data can become overwhelming.
Improves decision making and incident response
Provides peace of mind for employees working alone
Whether your workforce is 10 or 1000, GeoPro can be quickly deployed to ensure the safety and protection of employees working alone – absolutely anywhere. Download GeoPro on Android and desktop.

6. Clockify: Free Employee Time Clock App

Clockify is the most popular free online time clock tracking app for employees. With it, employees can clock-in and clock-out using an online timer. Great for tracking employee attendance, seeing who works on what, and exporting data for payroll or billing.

Clockify features

  • Start and stop timer or enter hours manually
  • Log your weekly time in less than a minute
  • See where you spend time and what your team is working on
  • See who worked on what, how much money you earn, review your team\’s time, and export the data
  • Track time on projects, and keep an eye on progress and budget
  • Invite your team so they can record their attendance and track how much time they spend on activities
  • Extend Clockify with additional features
  • Add additional fields to time entries and track anything
Clockify dashboard

Who Clockify is best for?

  • Freelance and self-employed workers who handle multiple clients at a time
  • Those who need an affordable time tracker

Clockify pricing

Free Plus ($/mo) Premium ($/mo) Enterprise ($/user/mo)
$0/forever $9.99 $29.99 $9.99
This is free forever and made for users who need a simple and simple employee time clock tracking app. All of Clockify’s plans include API, email and chat support, integration options, as well as unlimited tracking projects, and reports.

Clockify pros and cons

Pros Cons
Get an accurate look at workweek Can\’t see the summary of the detail report
Improve project profitability Mobile app is difficult to use
Show clients how much you\’ve worked Lacks notifications that timers are running
See what your team works on Sometimes lags and crashes
Clockify works across devices. Track time from anywhere — all data is synced online. Download Clockify on desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux), on mobile app (Android, iOS) or web (Chrome, Firefox).

7. Domo: Employee Temperature Scanning App

Domo’s Temperature Scanning App allows you to implement temperature scanning as employees enter your building and monitor risks to ensure your facilities are safe for all employees.

Domo features

  • Assess employees’ temperatures daily
  • Temperature readings are reported and shared with the app only
  • Employees and visitors answer additional questions as part of their entry
  • Define the acceptable temperature range for entry into your building
  • Stay on top of any potential issues with at-a-glance views of key temperature metrics

Who Domo is best for?

  • Company sizes ranging from small businesses to large enterprises
  • Companies that have to work during COVID-19 but still want to monitor employee health

Domo pricing

The Domo platform provides a variety of capabilities to support your digital transformation. So you should contact them for suitable pricing.

Domo pros and cons

Pros Cons
Take temperatures safely and securely It\’s pricey, but worth it
Mitigate risks based on temperature readings Sometimes, data or reports become overwhelming
Track status in real time
Domo is an employee temperature tracking app which s compatible with Windows or Mac platforms, iPad tablets, and also works on mobile devices. Download Domo.

8. Vacation Tracker – Leave Tracking For Slack And Microsoft

Finally, vacation tracker deliver effortless leave management to manage employee absences, set leave policies, and streamline your leave tracking process. It is integrated with Slack, which is ideal for teams who already us the platform for communicating.

Vacation tracker features

  • Simplified leave approval process
  • Tailored notifications
  • Organization-wide leave types
  • Custom-made leave policies
  • Manage multiple locations
  • Built-in reporting
  • Customizable team member profiles
  • Approval privileges
  • Workweek customization
  • Calendar integration
  • Perfect integration to Slack, Teams and G-suite.
Vacation tracker admin dashboard

Who Vacation Tracker is best for?

  • Businesses all over the world manage leave effectively
  • From tech start-ups to small and medium businesses, whether they have teams in different locations or not

Vacation Tracker pricing

Using Vacation Tracker, you pay as you grow, with no hidden fees.
  • $1 per user, per month with a minimum of $25
  • Your subscription can be scaled up or down at any time
You can try free trial Vacation Tracker plan in 14 days, with no credit card required. Therefore, it certainly one of the most cost effective choice out there.

Vacation Tracker pros and cons

Pros Cons
Great price compared to other softwares Not able to automatically add sick days and have them counted
Usability, user friendly and integrated with Slack
Vacation Tracker is surprisingly easy to use. And it is specifically built to be a vacation or leave tracking solution. Download Vacation Tracker.

Which is the best app for employee tracking?

Above all, having all this data and knowing how to track employee time and attendance is going to be a great asset to you. However, relying on employee tracking app is danger if it is too much. We don\’t talk about how convenient GPS tracking software for employee is. We are talking about the point of looking at the numbers. So that you forget your employees’ faces. Don’t let yourself get to this point. Always look at employee time management app data alongside the quality of work and the initiative that employees are taking. These top free employee tracking apps has a lot of pros. But even the best employee tracking system comes with some cons. We have a suggest for you. You can eliminate those by being well-informed and taking necessary precautions. If you have any questions, let\’s contact us via: Related articles:

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