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Why Content Is Really Important? Discover 6 Marketing Analytics Tools!

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why content is important and 6 best content marketing analytics tools by agiletech

Have you ever heard about “Content is king“? If yes, content marketing analytics tools must be the all-powerful ruler of the universe. Without analytics tools, your content marketing strategy can’t effectively support your business goals. No matter how long your brand has been using content marketing, you need to keep track of campaigns regularly. Let’s find out which the best analytics tools for content marketing are the best for the business!

Behind every well-known brand is valuable content that really connects the company with targeted clients. As one of the most effective methods to drive sales, content marketing is a critical mission for every business growth.

But, you are still wondering “Why content marketing is important?

To help you better understand, in this article, we’ve put together the top advantages of content as well as the list of content marketing analytics tools to track its efficiency.

Web indexing

Search engines use databases to store billions of information pages on the Internet. So when you search for something, you are actually search stored pages and information indexed. In fact, based on topics, authority, relevance, bots or ‘spiders’ crawl web online and store them in Google’s index.

Then, why does it matter if your site is indexed quickly? According to many research, Google always recommends the best websites with good user experience. Besides many factors like site loading speed, quality content is highly important.

To put it simply, a content strategy also helps get your site’s pages indexed. The more you update your content, the faster Google actually index your website. 

According to HubSpot’s Statistics for 2020, companies published 16+ blog posts per month got about 4.5X more leads than companies that published 0-4 monthly posts.

“If you want Google to index your website or web page, it needs to be “awesome and inspiring.” – Google’s John Mueller said

Google’s John Mueller said about web indexing agiletch

So that, for the best impact indexing speed, you should try to update at least 3 times a week (for instance, one new blog post and two old updating content posts).

However, don’t be focus only on the quantity of content without using any content marketing analytics tools. In addition, if you publish non-unique content, you will run the risk.

Benefits of blogging

One of the most significant benefits that help you support your company goals is blogging. To be honest, creating a blog is the best effective way of building brand awareness to targeted customers at a very low cost.

When reading your content, clients start thinking about your brand. Then they begin to trust your business. Not only that, if you create content that is engaging and valuable, audience will well resonate with your brand story. This is one of the reasons why content is important in digital marketing.

Again, the more value you can provide, the more trust people start putting in your business. Let’s focus on the quality content together with content marketing analytics tools.

Through content as well as the SEO strategy, marketers can attract customers and gain awareness about their products over time. However, the obsession over content marketing measurement tools is not enough. Having a shareable content everywhere helping create a bigger brand exposure is also desirable.

how search engine work

How search engines work by Mangools

Building page’s authority

What you should know about page authority? For instance, the higher Page Authority score one of your web pages receives, the better chance it ranks high on Google’s search engine. 

If you’re a bit curious about how to improve the Page Authority, let me tell you: Again, it all starts with good content! As previously mentioned, you need to:

  • Create high-quality content that is relevant to your brand
  • Post new content on a regular basis
  • Make sure your content is easy to read

In conclusion, pay attention to page authority and do what you can to increase the score. If it’s low, this will help use content analytics tools for a better position in the search engine results page.

Best content marketing analytics tools

What should you look for in content marketing tools? It depends on your goals and your budget. Let’s choose a tool that provides the greatest content analytics metrics as well as demonstrates how important is content analytics data. 

First, consider your budget. There are plenty of analytics tools which charge free. Even though these analytics tools don’t offer all-in-one insights, they can be a good starting point for brands.

For now, let’s dive in 6 best tools for measuring content marketing analytics!

1. Google analytics

Google Analytics is the most well-known analytics tools for marketing. It lets you know how much traffic your content receives, where that traffic comes from, who your audience is, and how long people stay on your site.

Price: Free

Highlight features:

  • Measure traffic – daily visitor figures, most popular pages, where traffic come from
  • Determine highest performance content –  improve user experience and your stats respectively through content analytics data
  • Define which people search on your web – opportunity to see keywords that led customers to a website

2. Hootsuite

hootsuite content analytics tools agiletech

Hootsuite is basically a social media content analysis tool that includes Twitter, YouTube, Facebook Page, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Price: Free version has limited functionality with basic reports. Besides, paid plans range from $29 – $599/month.

Highlight features:

  • Measure social engagement – views, likes, shares, comments, new followers, etc.
  • All-in-one content analytics software – easily access all of your social media stats and insights in one place
  • Track brand – show a graph with all the mentions of your brand within a given period of time

3. Buzzsumo

buzzsumo analytics tools for marketing tools agiletech

Buzzsumo lets you analyze specific content marketing topics and how well one topic performs on a particular platform. You can search, filter, and report on all of it as well.

Price: You can try free trial versions or priced version, which costs $79 to $499+/month.

Highlight features:

  • Monitor brand – not only on social media, but also track brand mentions all across the web. Just enter your role, the website and name of the company
  • Measure engagement – track total engagements and reach easily. Enter the domain name and find your best content in a period of time filter by date, content type, and country
  • Track backlinks – check all the backlinks

4. SimilarWeb

similarweb tools for content marketing analytics agiletech

Additionally, SimilarWeb is a marketing tool that lets you take a look at how content produced by your competitors is performing.

Price: A free version allows you to access to first insights of a specific mobile app and web traffic data. If you decide to upgrade, you can talk to a consultant to have price plans.

Highlight features:

  • Spy on solutions from your competitors – easily get insights traffic as well as the rankings of the website or mobile app
  • See channels from competitors which get the most traffic – enter the website’s URL to see content metrics such as visit duration, pages per visit, bounce rate, etc.

5. Ahrefs

ahrefs seo tools to grow traffic agiletech

Ahrefs allows you to track backlinks and keywords for your niche. And, as a bonus, this content marketing analytics tool can spy on your competitors.

Price: Starts from $7 for seven-day-trial to $99 for monthly plans

Highlight features:

  • Find content targeting – narrow down your search with filters and advanced searches such as publishing date, shares and organic traffic
  • Competitive Research– put all data on referring domains and pages, backlinks, and a worldwide map of where search traffic is coming from
  • SEO targeting – quickly find technical and design-related issues that are impacting your search rankings

6. SEMrush

semrush content marketing tools agiletech

Finally, other marketing tools for business that you should consider is SEMrush. It will provide you a full suite of reporting, analytics, data, and tracking.

Price: You can try it for free. In contrast, the cheapest paid plan is $99.95/month. And, the most expensive plan is $399.95/month.

Highlight features:

  • Track keywords – use a keyword research tool to get new keywords and ideas for new content
  • Research competition – quickly view competitors domain and get useful information like keyword or backlink
  • Keep track of keywords – figure out which pages on your website generate the most traffic

Bottom line

As you can see, there are many content marketing tools and techniques to help your business. Once you decide to use content marketing analytics tools, the next step is finding the right tools.

Everyone’s needs are different. If you are running a small business, sticking to social media with content analysis tools maybe is a good choice. For larger businesses, focusing on inclusive tools that require a bigger budget may suit content marketing efforts better. 

So, make sure that content analytics tools you choose can accurately measure content marketing which you’re most concerned about. On the other hand, testing out a few tools will help you find which alternative meets your needs the best.

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