A Super App is many apps within an umbrella app. It's an Operating System that unbundles the tyranny of apps. Go - Jek, Grab, Wechat, Alipay and Momo, Zalo in Vietnam are typical examples of Super App.
Super App platform is expected as the inevitable mobile app trend in the future.


Attract More Users

Instead of accessing different apps with different needs, users will find more convenience when accessing and installing an only app. That would definitely help enterprises gain more users.

Keep Users When Update Apps

Adding new function/bug fixes/changes right on the system center, so users don’t have to reinstall the app to update the version.

This will create a good experience and minimize the risk of canceling app installation.

Limit Apps Error

Before releasing through CI/CD process, we will run the test and see the results. So bugs will be almost fixed before the app is officially launched.

High Performance and Security

With cutting-edge technology, Agiletech has built successful Super App with high performance and security with blockchain technology.


Build Super Apps For Your Own Enterprises

AgileTech could help you build your own Super Apps platform with:

  •  High performance and security together with different types of payment gateways.
  • We have available more than 10 service mini apps related to entertainment, hotel – travel – flight services, etc. which are ready to integrate with your Super App to enrich your Super App services.
  • Strong commitment through warrenty period.

Promote Your Mobile App Via Our Super Apps

AgileTech is building 02 Super Apps with huge customer ecosystems about Travel and Young adults (under 30). Promoting your mobile app will help you:

  • Accessing to millions of potential users in our Super App ecosystems.
  • Tracking users behaviors in each mini app – Measuring marketing statistics.
  • The portal mini-center interface will manage all mini app versions of each developer.


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