Top 4 Blockchain Programming Languages in 2022

Blockchain technology has taken the world by storm, more and more businesses are wondering how they can join the race. To make a project profitable, developers have to be familiar with programming languages for Blockchain development.

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So what kind of Blockchain programming languages are in demand right now? This blog article will list 5 programming languages needed for Blockchain development, a simple overview as well as pros and cons of each language.

Developers are racing to learn Blockchain programming languages

1. C++

Every developer knows C++ is an extended version of C language and is one of the most popular programming languages in general. But now it can also be used for Blockchain development. There are two reasons why C++ is one of the best Blockchain programming languages.

Blockchain technology must interact with untrusted nodes, while still ensuring prompt service to every one of them. This prompt service is essential to the success of cryptocurrency. C++ is perfect for this thanks to its Dynamic Memory Allocation feature. In layman\’s terms, it saves a ton of CPU and memory usage.

Another feature of C++ suitable for Blockchain development is the multi-threading. For example, a computer user can play music and browse the web at the same time. While browsing the web, they can click an article and download a file simultaneously. C++ is the language that makes all this possible. In Blockchain development, this means multiple activities can happen at once with higher speed, e.g fast transactions.

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However, C++ is also one of the most complex languages to learn and debug. Developers should have an understanding of lower level programming languages before heading to C++.

2. Javascript

Javascript is easily one of the most common Blockchain programming languages. In fact, most IT companies recruit developers familiar with its frameworks like ReactJS, NodeJS and Vue.

Javascript is quite easy to learn. Developers do not need an extensive background knowledge to work with Javascript. Javascript is the most common programming language as most websites and applications you are using are already running on Javascript.

Javascript works well with every other language. Developers can combine languages by simply pasting codes in Javascript into another script. Blockchain developers often combine many programming languages in one application or system.

Overall, Javascript can make Blockchain development easier, but it does not have advanced memory management like C++.

Javascript is a great Blockchain programming language

3. Python

When mentioning Blockchain programming languages, Python cannot be missed. It is often used to develop smart contracts and crypto exchange.

Python is a modern Blockchain programming language. Its syntax is similar to everyday English. Developers can also write fewer lines of code with Python than any other languages. Thanks to this, Python is time-saving in developing difficult projects.

Another advantage is that Python can handle Big Data and data analytics. Developing a Blockchain-based Big Data system can be highly profitable as you can turn verified data from big companies into valuable digital assets.

However, Python is much slower than C++ and not suitable for memory-intensive tasks.

4. Solidity

Solidity is the newest Blockchain programming language by far. The Ethereum Network team created Solidity specifically for developing smart contracts on Blockchain platforms.

Solidity has many similarities with older programming languages, esp. C++. This means developers who are familiar with C++ can easily use Solidity.

Smart contracts made with Solidity provide a secure, easy and reliable medium for various sources which have involvement of two parties to do an agreement on something.

The biggest weakness of Solidity is lack of community. Since it is new, not many developers have debugged it, so you will not have much assistance.

Solidity is perfect for developing smart contracts on Ethereum

The bottom line

This article have compiled top 4 in demand Blockchain programming languages in 2022. Whether you are a senior or a fresher in Blockchain development, it is important to stay updated on newer programming languages. Follow our blog for more content on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Technology news.

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