top employee tracking apps in 2022

Top 10+ Free Employee Tracking Apps In 2022

No matter what industry your business is in, it is crucial to time-tracking the employees by employee tracking apps. Moreover, in the situation of COVID-19, working from home has become the new normal, we are all digitizing the relationship between firm and customer and employer and employee. 

Therefore, the employee tracking apps have been constantly developing. When employees know their paycheck is right on the money, they will be much happier and engaged. In turn, productivity will go up as does customer satisfaction while turnover tumbles and all of the nasty and expensive issues we raised in our introduction. Above all, finding the right employee time tracking app will do you a world of wonders.

Here are the top 10 free employee tracking apps in 2022 for better management!

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Top 10+ free employee tracking apps for Android and iOS

1. Connecteam: Employee time tracking app

Firstly, number 1 is Connecteam, according to the US Department of Commerce, Connecteam is the best employee time tracking app for remote and deskless teams. To clarify, the time tracking app was designed to simplify and automate time tracking and payroll processes.

Connecteam Features:

  • Time clock limitations
  • Overtime settings
  • Reminders & notifications
  • Time clock chart included
  • Automatic attendance reports
  • GPS location tracking and Breadcrumbs technology
  • Easily exporting timesheets
  • Absence management
  • Automated payroll processing
  • Job-related information, for example: mileage, equipment, etc.
Connecteam’s Dashboard

Who Connecteam is the best for?

  • Firstly, it\’s for remote and deskless employees working for small businesses or large organizations. 
  • And secondly, company from all different types of industries, for example, construction, healthcare, F&B, cleaning, field service, retail and many more.

Connecteam pricing

  • Premium plans starts at $39/month for the first 50 users 
  • Free Trial: 14-day free trial
  • Free-for-life plan: Yes

Connecteam pros and cons

Affordable pricing availableNo integrations, need to wait for future software updates
Moreover, setup time is fast and easy
Great customer support
User-friendly interface
All-in-one solution for deskless teams

To sum up, it’s truely one of the all-in-one employee tracking apps. In other words, Connecteam allows you to do virtually anything (employee scheduling, communication, task management, training, and more) without needing to integrate or pay for multiple solutions. 

Download Connecteam on both Android and iOS.

2. Timecamp

Timecamp is an easy to use, automatic time tracking software used by both teams and freelancers. Firstly, the desktop app tracks time in the background, so you can stay focused on what really matters. Secondly, with just a few clicks, Timecamp will complete and fill timesheets with hours worked and computer activities. Tracked time can be turned into an invoice with billing rates, ready to send it straight to your clients. 

With TimeCamp, users can manage billable hours, time tracking, invoices and attendance. Moreover, to facilitate efficient time tracking, this software includes automated scheduling, goal management, GPS tracking, real-time analytics, and productivity reporting.

Timecamp Features:

  • Project management
  • Track employee attendance, vacation and holidays
  • Payroll system
  • Project management, accounting, sales and dev tools integrations
  • Advanced reporting
Timecamp\’s Dashboard

Who Timecamp is the best for?

  • Firstly, larger teams and freelancers who are looking for automated time tracking management software.
  • Secondly, medium to large sized B2B companies.

Timecamp pricing

  • Timecamp starts at 7$/month per user
  • Free trial: 14-day free trial
  • Free-for-life plan: Yes

Timecamp pros and cons

Easy to use, yet great time tracking solution Not a huge variety of features 
Good for teams and freelancersRequires several integrations to support some of the features listed above
Can become pretty pricey depending on the size of your team

So, if you are finding a simple tool to measure everything your business needs, you should try TimeCamp. Because it offers seamless integration with numerous popular applications including Xero, Slack and Asana.

Download TimeCamp on iOS, Android and desktop.

3. Toggl: one of the easiest employee tracking apps

Thirdly, Toggl is easy to use as it just takes a click to clock in or pick up where you left off – if you forgot to start the timer, the Toggl Button and Desktop Apps will send you a reminder. If tracking in real-time isn’t relevant, as a result, enter hours manually or integrate the calendar. If you’re a little forgetful, so the Toggl Track allows you to trigger time entry suggestions that are based on the software you’re using. In addition, their plans allow you to choose between time tracking, project planning and candidate screening and hiring.

Toggl Features:

  • Integration with over 100 apps
  • Easily filter reports
  • Automatically round time entries
  • Time tracking
  • Project planning
  • Candidate screening and onboarding
Toggl\’s Dashboard

Who Toggl is the best for?

  • Small to large businesses looking for a more efficient way to track employee time, plan projects and simplify the hiring process, for instance.

Toggl pricing

  • Toggle starts at $10/month per user with limited capabilities
  • Free trial: 30-day free trial
  • Free-for-life plan: Yes

Toggl pros and cons

Quick to start and implement There are no invoicing abilities 
Attractive and easy to use interfaceThe subscription to access all features is very pricey 
Some functions can be hard to use or take a long time to implement

Download Toggl on Android, iOS and desktop.

4. Timely

With Automatic Time Tracking, Timely records everything you work on and stores it in its Memory Tracker – as a result, it just takes all your recorded work, groups it together and then suggests time entries. You don’t need to log anything, instead Timely details what you did and automatically adds project tags. Check that everything was entered correctly and make changes when needed – the more you edit, the more the time tracking app learns and enters time correctly going forward.

Timely Features:

  • Timely integrates with tons of apps
  • Easily track project statuses
  • Easily track employee task progress
Timely\’s Dashboard

Who Timely is the best for?

  • Small to large companies who need assistance in project management and track project progress. Specifically aimed for busy spas,  salons and similar industries.

Timely pricing

  • Timely’s basic plan starts at $10/month per user
  • Free trial: 14-day free trial
  • Free-for-life plan: No

Timely pros and cons

Easy to use and well designed Users cannot set up recurring time tracking events and it must be manually entered each time
Provides clear oversight on projects and time spent on projectsIsn’t a good fit for gyms or physical therapy businesses

Download Timely on Android, iOS and desktop.

5. ClickUp

ClickUp is a productivity platform that offers tons of flexible features to help any team manage their time and improve work efficiency. The native time tracker in ClickUp lets you estimate and track time, build and customize timesheets, view detailed reporting of your time entries, and other features that are helpful when it comes to managing time and allocating resources. To further improve your team’s time tracking process, integrate ClickUp with other time tracking apps such as Harvest, Everhour, Toggl to bring all your time entries into one place. Best of all, ClickUp’s time tracking feature is available in the mobile app so your team can track time whenever and wherever they go.

ClickUp Features:

  • Flexible hierarchy for better workflow management
  • Detailed time reporting and dashboards
  • Functional and customizable features
  • Integration with over 1000 apps
ClickUp\’s Dashboard

Who ClickUp is the best for?

  • ClickUp’s flexibility, customizable features, and user-friendly interface, therefore, make it a great solution for freelancers, project managers, and small to large teams worldwide.

ClickUp pricing

  • ClickUp’s paid plan plans start at $9/month per user (Unlimited Plan) and $19/month per user (Business Plan)
  • Free trial: Yes, 15-day trial (Unlimited or Business Plan)
  • Free-for-life plan: Yes, unlimited users, 100 MB storage

ClickUp pros and cons

User-friendly interface No Table view in the mobile app 
Complete customization capabilitiesLearning curve due to amount of features
Affordable pricing plans
24/7 customer support

Download ClickUp on Android, iOS and desktop.

6. Proofhub

ProofHub is an all-in-one tool designed to help managers and teams across the critical aspects of projects, including planning, organizing, managing, tracking and delivering, for instance. You can add timesheets, set time estimates, track time manually or use timers, export timesheets, archive them, create time reports and bring all your time data at one central place using this time management software.

Proofhub Features:

  • ProofHub integrates with several other softwares
  • Easily tracks project and resource progress
  • Stay updated about all activities using Activity logs
Proofhub\’s Dashboard

Who Proofhub is the best for?

  • In short, Proofhub is great for managers looking to increase and track employee productivity.

Proofhub pricing

  • Proofhub’s Essential plan starts at $50/month, they also provide discounts for non-profit organizations.
  • Free trial: Yes
  • Free-for-life plan: No

Proofhub pros and cons

Good for freelancers and large teams User interface is not visually pleasing or intuitive
Integrates with many other toolsLimited customization of features and tools

Download ClickUp on both Android and iOS.

7. When I Work

Employees can either download the app on their smartphone or create a fixed time clock terminal at the office by adding a dedicated iPad or computer. Easily sync the time clock with the work schedule, export payroll into platforms, for example: QuickBooks, ADP and more.

“When I Work” Features:

  • Simple scheduling feature
  • Affordable
  • Automated notifications
When I Work’s Dashboard

Who “When I Work” is the best for?

  • \”When I Work\” fits both small and large companies’ needs. In other words, it’s great for companies who want to improve their workforce management and employee productivity.

“When I Work” pricing

  • When I Work’s Basic plan costs $2/month per user up to 100 employees only for scheduling and messaging. Further, the Basic plan jumps to $4/month per user if you would like to include time tracking and attendance.
  • Free trial: Yes
  • Free-for-life plan: Yes, up to 75 employees

“When I Work” pros and cons

Easy to use employee scheduling feature Based on user reviews, there are many software bugs and issues 
Group emailing helps streamline communicationNo reporting capabilities
The basic plan only covers scheduling and messaging, so if you want to also be able to track employee time and attendance the price increases by double.

Download “When I Work” on both Android and iOS.

8. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is an employee time tracking app with GPS, in short, helps teams understand how they use time. So they can maximize their productivity. Since its first launch in 2012, Hubstaff has continued to build a powerful management tool. As a result, now, the app is becoming a perfect solution as a more accurate GPS location service.

Hubstaff Features:

  • Detailed reporting
  • Employee monitoring and scheduling
  • GPS tracking
  • Online timesheets
  • Payroll
  • Productivity measurement
  • Project budgeting
Hubstaff’s Dashboard

Who Hubstaff is the best for?

  • Firstly, an all-in-one business tool for mobile fleets, sales teams, and remote companies.
  • Secondly, remote workers or freelancers who need a time tracker with a geofencing capability.
  • Last but not least, those who want to automatically track time when a team member enters or leaves the location.

Hubstaff pricing

  • Hubstaff’s Basic plan starts at $7/month per user. Each plan includes different features and functions so be sure to examine which plan meets your business needs.
  • Free trial: 14-day free trial
  • Free-for-life plan: Yes, for up to 1 user and with very limited capabilities

Hubstaff pros and cons

A very user friendly appLimited features for solo freelancers
Great tech support and customer servicePayment options are a bit sort
Lots of added functionality beyond just time tracking

Hubstaff has mobile apps for both Android and iOS, as a result, help you monitor your team even when they’re out in the field or working remotely.

Download Hubstaff on both Android and iOS.

9. Avaza

It’s easy to invite someone to Avaza in order to track time per project. Simple start and stop the timer when you’re working and you can even copy or import timesheets. In addition, if it’s needed, send invoices, collaborate with your team, manage your schedule and more.

Avaza Features:

  • Track time with flexible billing and cost rates
  • Project management reporting
  • Reduces manual timesheet entry
Avaza’s Dashboard

Who Avaza is the best for?

  • In short, Avaza is good for all businesses small or large. In addition, their robust reporting feature is great for businesses who require better project management oversight.

Avaza pricing

  • Avaza’s plans start from $9.95/month and each feature only allows a certain number of users. Certainly, it would be beneficial to take a look at their pricing page to really understand if Avaza is a good fit for your business.
  • Free trial: Yes
  • Free-for-life plan: Yes, there is a free-for-life plan, but obviously has some limited capabilities.

Avaza pros and cons

Improves employees project management Mobile interface is not intuitive and can be confusing to use
Improves the onboarding processesNo recurring project feature

Download Avaza on both Android and iOS.

10. T-Sheets

TSheets supports plenty of features, for example: GPS tracking, clocking in and out, changing job codes, and performing other time tracking and management actions on-the-go. Moreover, it can give you a real-time insight on where your employees are and what they are working on. Therefore, as a manager, you can efficiently assign projects and tasks to the right person.

T-Sheets Features:

  • Supports GPS tracking
  • Easily monitor your employees
  • Generate a convenient map of activities for the day
  • Track the status of each project
  • Streamline payroll
  • Send invoices
  • Add-on Time Clock ‘Kiosk’
  • Automatically sync accurate employee time tracking data
T-Sheets’s Dashboard

Who T-Sheets is the best for?

  • Both small and large businesses, and companies from all different types of industries.
  • Further, companies with mobile employees who need to handle their remote workforce.

T-Sheets pricing

  • Firstly, the premium plan has a base price of $20/month, plus 8$/month per user. To clarify, which only includes 1 free admin. As a business owner, if you would like your managers to have access to the admin features, you will have to pay another fee.
  • Free trial: 30-day free trial
  • Free-for-life plan: No

T-Sheets pros and cons

Awesome customer supportThe scheduling module is a bit lacking
Auto-syncing with QuickBooks OnlineSometimes randomly clock employees out for no reason
Easy to track time per project
Track employee time and ability to verify through GPS

To sum up, T-sheets combines high-tech expertise with friendly real-world insight for both websites and Android/ iOS. Therefore, owners and managers can keep track of everything like employees, locations, notes, job codes, even paid time off, vacation and holiday hours in real time.

Download T-sheets on both desktop and Android/ iOS.

The best app for employee tracking

Above all, having all this data and knowing how to track employee time and attendance is going to be a great asset to you. However, relying on employee tracking apps is dangerous if it is too much, you may forget your employees’ faces. So, don’t let yourself get to this point. In other words, always look at employee time management app data alongside the quality of work and the initiative that employees are taking. In short, these top free employee tracking apps have a lot of pros. But even the best employee tracking system comes with some cons.

To sum up, here are our best suggestions for you in 2022. In addition, you can eliminate those cons by being well-informed and taking necessary precautions. If you have any questions, let’s contact us for more information via:

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