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How Flutter Can Reduce Overall App Development Cost

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You have a brilliant app idea. You make a plan to get it out to the world. But as a business owner, you are still wondering how to reduce app development cost. In short, you have one idea. It requires three different platforms including Android, iOS and Website. It also needs there different types of programming language like Kotlin, C# and JavaScript. Don\’t worry! Since its first launch in 2017, Flutter took a high jump to come into the spotlight. This Google\’s Flutter is a cross-platform technology, that performs  efficiently on mobile, desktop, and web. Whether you are a startup company or middle-level organization, Flutter brings benefits to every business – Reduce App Development Cost. Let\’s keep up with this latest development trends and see how to estimate app development cost with Flutter!

How Flutter Reduce App Development Cost?

The cross-platform development allows writing a single code and then translate it into the native code of various platforms. Therefore, the advantage of Flutter is not only providing a high quality user experience, it is also cost- friendly from the development stage. There’s no doubt that Flutter is one of the promising development platforms on the market right now.

Flutter is now taken advantage of by nearly half a million developers who claim to use it on a monthly basis.

According to Google\’s Tim Sneath

Moreover, in the latest Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results 2019, Flutter has become one of the top-three favorite frameworks out there.
of developers who are developing with the language or technology and have expressed interest in continuing to develop with it
Below are reasons why Flutter can help custom software companies save development cost.

1. Faster Coding With Hot Reload

Flutter is famous for its fast, dynamic development process. And with its unique feature called \”Hot Reload\”, developers can quickly and easily experiment, create user interfaces, add features, and fix bugs faster. In addition, with a source code record directly inside the working application, the code will be implemented directly in less than 2-3 seconds and without resetting the state of the application. Due to this feature, in the real-time, both designers and developers can view view even the slightest change.
Hot Reload
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When it comes to develop native app, it takes time to implement the changes and the application needs to be rebuilt for different platforms. However, Flutter can reduce app development time effectively. Because Flutter app development implants change in the widget tree. It also allows developers to create natively compiled applications with pre-built customizable widgets. Thus, Hot Reload makes it possible to quickly monitor application development. This way, in turn, reduce cost of app development. App can be launched faster in the market to generate revenue soon.

2. Code Reusability

Unlike native app framework, the app development in Flutter can be reused while developing the same app for other framework. So how much code is really reusable?

Developers can save a lot of effort and time through this feature as it reuses up to 80 percent.

Hence, Flutter can also reduce the app development cost. So, if you want develop cross-platform app with beautiful and interactive design, you can hire Flutter developers. They will help you build a fully-functional app which brings huge asset to your business goals.

3. Reduce Testing Time

Testing is one of the important part in software development life cycle. If you want your app run smoothly, take time to testing process. As we mention above, Flutter use the same code base to develop an app for different platform. Due to this, quality analyst don\’t have to go through all the testing stage.
  • UI. Widget testing is one of the best testing features from this technology.
  • It performs testing at different levels as a unit.
  • Flutter also holds a separate package – Flutter Driver to perform tests easily and effectively.
Then, by saving a lot of work for quality analyst, the reduced testing time directly reduce the overall app development cost.

4. Open Source Framework

Google developed Flutter as an open source UI software development kit (SDK). This features help developers easier to post issues and view documents in Flutter community. Gradually, the money entrepreneurs need to pay is to hire developers building a fully-functional app. Not only reducing time on development process, it also saves a great amount of money.

5. High Performance

Flutter use Dart, which is a fast and simple programming language. In addition, it can easily compile into native interfaces. The reason behind is Flutter doesn\’t access to OEM which owes to having its own widgets. Thus the performance increases with a speed of 60 FPS. Hence, instead of creating apps in native code, a Cross-platform application using Flutter is more cost effective.

6. Perfect For MVP

If you want to have cost-saving mobile app development strategies, the answer will end with Flutter and Minimum Viable Product. Let\’s take a look at how MVP with Flutter benefits for any startup!
  • Attractive designs that attract investors – The Flutter SDK supports Material Design, Cupertino, motion, and visual oriented widgets for both Android and iOS. Developers can customize the widgets to fit their design needs. And because of ginormous UI features and interactive designs, I can attract to investors more.
  • Accelerated development process – Thank to Flutter\’s hot reload, developers take significantly lesser time to build an MVP. Overall, this feature makes it much easier to view any changes made in the app simultaneously.
  • Reduce app development cost – With a single code base, Flutter runs on various platforms. This turns out to be easing the process of working on both platforms at a low development cost.
As mentioned earlier, the benefits of Flutter make it become a development trend today. Depending on the priorities of a product development team and your business goals, a cross-platform development kit like Flutter should be considered.
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How To Estimate Flutter App Development Cost?

Among there, the app using Flutter framework is highly preferable nowadays. Because it optimizes the development process which can reduce app development cost. Below, we are mention 4 main factors that affecting Flutter app development cost.
  • Designing
  • Backend
  • Development team
  • Maintenance

UI/UX Design

How express your future users at first glance? It\’s app design, which is the first thing grabs users attention. It can be anything that can make users love your app more, for example:
  • Maybe the icon.
  • The cute cartoon characters that suddenly appears while loading.
  • It can be the subtlest of animations.
  • Or sometimes, the push notifications.
So we can say that developing a seamless user experience and adding creativity to the app play important role in reducing Flutter app development cost. The cost of mobile application with design complexity, graphics and animations will always be more than a simple one.
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In development process, backend is like a brain which controls many aspects including app data, servers, security, and data backup. So handling the backend isn\’t an easy task.
  • You need to have database to store data.
  • Where do you store database? You will need database serves.
  • Moreover, you include functionalities in app by using APIs. With different APIs, it will cost different.
As you can see, at every stage, the backend settles the app development cost.

Development Team

In fact, the development team heavily influence your app development cost. Whichever you choose, freelancers, in-house team, or software companies, it must fit your business goals. But, how to choose the right team size for your project? It may vary. The different team size will have development cost. If your project is estimated under 500 hours to complete, it’s ok to hire freelance developers. Besides, if your business is small, you can hardly get good results from a large company. Here, we will show you the different quotations by region in the geographic areas below!
Average rates (hours)
The average design rates per hour by countries:
  • United States: $50 – $150/hour
  • Western Europe: $40-60/hour
  • Eastern Europe: $25 – $50/hour
  • Vietnam: $10-25$/hour
According to this infographic, to reduce app development cost  you can choose to outsource to another country, especially to Asia or Eastern Europe. Are you still considering? Here are the Top App Development Companies Of 2020 according to DesignRush.     As discussed above, the type of app you choose can effect the cost of app development. So, if you want to reduce app development cost, cross-platform app using Flutter will be the suitable option.

Conclusion: Reasons To Consider Flutter To Reduce App Development Cost

There are many reasons to consider Flutter for your next app project.
  • One of the most loved and widely used products of Google.
  • Similar to native app performance.
  • Hot reload, less code, code reusability, open-source framework.
  • Effectively lower the time consumption in the entire process of development.
  • A powerful cost-effective solution.
Seeing all above reasons, a Flutter mobile app had been a great preference for entrepreneurs and businesses from around the world. So if you want to how Flutter can reduce the app development cost of your project, please feel free to contact us. You can contact us at [email protected] or (+84) 936 281 059 for more information.

You have a great software development idea, but don\’t know how to make it into reality?

Our team will give you a free consultation about a project estimation with an approximate budget and timeframe.

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You can contact us at [email protected] or (+84) 936 281 059 for more information.

You have a great software development idea, but don\’t know how to make it into reality?

Our team will give you a free consultation about a project estimation with an approximate budget and timeframe.

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