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How Much Does It Cost To Design App? (Detailed Price Review 2020)

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Have you ever wonder how much does an app design cost? If yes, here’s some more food for thought. Let’s dive into what app design price is, explore the process of designing an app and define the details cost to design a mobile app like Uber or Instagram!

According to Statistics, the number of available apps in the Google Play Store was most recently placed at 2.87 million apps. While App Store ranks the second place with almost 1.8 million apps for iOS. Moreover, in many market research, a mobile app can be on top if it focuses on UI/UX design.

Additionally, investing in UX can save up to 50% of wasted development time and decrease the chances that your application will not resonate with target users.

In fact, great user interface design and user experience are some of the most important aspects of a successful mobile app. Each mobile app design principle can get more traffic, more user conversion, and increase ROI.

The better design, the more users engage with your app. For instance, it may include a clear structure, beautiful designs, a neat display of button as well as animated effects to encourage them to return to your product again and again.

So, how much does it cost to design an app? In detail, the cost of app design usually depends on the number of development stages. However, design is not just about the appearance. It also about the way it works.

Firstly, let us consider the most common situation: the mobile app UI design process!

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Every mobile app has to make design guidelines clear steps by steps before launching. As a result, it may be impossible to define the average app design cost without knowing all the aspects.

The basics app design process consists of the following: research, analysis, UI/UX that refers to design, development, testing, and branding.

Each software company will have a different process of designing services. Here are the 4 steps goes in AgileTech and mostly IT outsourcing company.

Create design documents

As a software outsourcing company, after given the requirements from customers, we will begin to write the list of design documents.

Product brief

It is usually essential if you spend a lot of time understanding every stage of the project such as product brief, target audience, competition, or market trends. Without clarifying product brief, it is difficult to know how much does it cost to design a mobile app.

In addition, platforms like iOS and Android have different navigation, development tools and many other elements. Android needs to be matched with many different formats. But Apple has everything standardized.

Define function

After the product brief has been conducted, the team will prepare a product backlog with detailed functionality. All of these materials will be used further in designing a mobile application.

To emphasize, the app design cost depends on:

  • app complexity
  • hours required to research
  • planning with technical sectors
  • number of features
  • number of platforms

It takes time to design each screen appearance. Therefore, the more features an app has, the more working hours the designer has to spend. As a result, the higher the cost of app design will be.

User flow

Then, by analyzing the latest mobile app design trends, we can create a workflow between these functions.

Exchange request and price

Once defining the design documents, you and your outsourcing partner will clarify requests and estimate the price of app design.



During this stage, designers can layout the structure of a future application with more detailed up to the stage of an interactive prototype.

Creating a wireframe is a must-have step before prototyping. It helps clients have a clear view of how the app will look like. In case there is something you don’t like, clients can suggest a change to the technology partner.

The wireframe example for eCommerce progressive web app

UI Prototype

Unlike wireframes, UI prototype shows a detailed form of the entire design process. It also describes how the final app looks.

If the project covers both iOS and Android, we usually start from the UI design of the iOS version. And afterward move to Android design.

UI/UX Prototype from our customers – Luxstay 

When considering the cost to design a mobile app, each company or design team has its workflow for design creation. The process is usually divided into User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design.

To clarify, below, we will give you steps to keep up with app design costs at AgileTech as a software outsourcing company.

App design costs by country

As we mentioned before, how much you charge your app UI design cost depends on the complexity of functionality. However, even a professional UI/UX designers can’t tell you the cost of designing a mobile app at first glance. Significantly, UI/UX design cost also depends on the country where your design partner is located.

The cost to design and develop an app based on the region that you choose to outsource. Moreover, developers from different countries may vary greatly in price. Let’s see the detailed app design cost by region in the geographic areas below!

the cost of app development by country agiletech

The average design rates per hour by countries:

  • United States: $50 – $150/hour
  • Western Europe: $40-60/hour
  • Eastern Europe: $25 – $50/hour
  • Vietnam: $10-25$/hour

According to this infographic, to estimate the price, you can choose to outsource to another country, especially to Asia or Eastern Europe.

mobile app development cost formula by agiletech

For example, the cost of top design services may be up to $150 per hour in the USA. Meanwhile, with the same standard app design service, a Vietnam-rooted software outsourcing company will cost only $10-$25 per hour. In this case, if you choose to outsource UI/UX design for building App like Uber, the mobile app UI design price with average time (200 hours) will be:

  • Min: $10 x 200 hours = $2,000
  • Max: $25 x 200 hours = $5,000

Designers in India or Vietnam charge $25 per hour, which is among the cheapest rate in the world. But the app design cost doesn’t mean the only stages.  That why you should have more in-depth knowledge of the company that you are planning to get a contract with.

So, how to choose the right offshore software company?

  • Define your exact goals: roles description, quality expectations, scope, and deadlines.
  • Shortlist potential service providers: experience, location, flexibility, language, and cultural barriers.
  • Evaluate your prospects: background check, client reviews, work process, etc.

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App UI design cost: Uber and Instagram

Uber and Instagram are two of the most beautiful mobile app design inspirations worldwide. The UI/UX of both has been excellent, which has placed among the most users applications and app design trends in 2020.

Then, let’s figure out the app design price to understand why they are so popular.


Within a short period of time, taxi booking apps like Uber stunted the growth of the traditional taxi business and earned massive revenue. So, what makes an app like Uber stand out within the crowd?

How much does it cost to design an Uber ride-hailing app? First, the Uber driver app UI/UX is done for the iOS platform. And next, it is adapted for Android. 

Uber also developed an app for both passengers and drivers. Below is the estimation time of the Uber design case study.

Above all, app design time is a rough estimation. The final app design cost relies on the complexity of UI/UX. The more complex an app design is, the more it will cost to design a mobile app. Otherwise, the basic app design with the MVP version will be cheaper.

For instance, app design cost in UK range from $10,000 to $30,000 and from $2,000 to %5,000 in Vietnam.

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According to official statistics, 95 million pictures are posted on Instagram daily. In 2018, monthly active Instagram users reached 1 billion – almost one-eighth of the world’s population.

Who would expect such great achievement? Also, the app has some crashes, but people still love using Instagram because of its vibrant UI/ UX design.

As we mentioned before, the app design price varies among the region. The mobile app development cost is different from the US, the UK to Ukraine, or Vietnam. The estimated time to build Instagram is 200 hours for iOS and 150 hours for Android.

So, the cost of UX design starts from $15,000 in the US to $7,500 in Eastern Europe. And as usual, the cheapest price is from Vietnam, from $3,000 to $7,500.

How much does it cost to design an app?

UI/UX design plays an important role in your product’s success. For this reason, investing time on mobile app design is always worth it. At the same time, you need to understand that the app design cost depends on many factors. And if you choose IT outsourcing to reduce app design price, partnering with offshore software companies from Asia like China, India and Vietnam may be a good choice.

But, no one will be able to give you an exact cost of app design without any analysis. Let’s see how to minimize the cost to design an app:

  • Plan your project well
  • Hire a professional software design and development vendor
  • Be heavily involved in the design process

If you have an idea, and you would like to get a product in which excellent functionality will be combined with an attractive design.

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