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Super app is a phrase that you often hear in the past 2 years, it is the app \”anything is available\”. In Asia, you may hear about WeChat, Alipay, Go-Jek,… in Vietnam there is Momo,, Grab,… Why did they launch apps like this? What Agiletech can do with this platform? There are so many things to find out!



With Super App, you can see many different services that can look irrelevant to each other. Moreover, this platform allows users to use city service, pay utilities, buy movie tickets, book a hotel room and do a lot more stuff. With many sections such as Fund Transfer and Third-party Services, these are all in ONE APP!

The representative example of Super App is WeChat. The instant messaging app, which was launched by a Chinese tech giant Tencent in 2011 and now has more 950 million monthly active users for Q2 2017, has become the app for everything in life.



Attract more users, push other services

Once you have large enough users, the super apps will integrate many other products and services. As the result, promote the development of new services through the group of users which have already available.

For example, they started with Foody, a service that specializes in evaluating restaurants. When the number of users is large and the cafeteria data starts to increase, they open to ship food to Foody users themselves.  Therefore, Foody users are a treasure trove without spending a lot of money to attract them to new products. And when is available, they start opening Now Fresh, Now Travel, …

Platform for e-payment

Grab is now promoting payment through GrabPay, which is Moca e-wallet., there is AirPay e-wallet. VNG\’s electronic wallet and many games can be paid by ZaloPay.

In addition, MoMo is a bit more special, they themselves are e-wallet apps but they are still very active in cooperating with sales units such as CGV, airlines,… to put these features into their wallet app.

It is not wrong to see MoMo as a super app. Other e-wallets are also following this path, but by the time I write the article, MoMo is leading.

Data collection

When user uses super app, they will have huge data on user behavior. This data is very important for businesses to learn about their target audience behavior. From there they can create suitable strategies.


Along with the rise of super app, AgileTech has successfully developed this platform.

Build a complete Super Apps platform

We could build a complete Super App for enterprises:

  • Develop platform core
  • Develop mini-apps and apply to Super App platform
  • Identify customer information through Super ID
  • Our current customer: e-wallet, insurance enterprises.

Integrate mini-apps to Super Apps

Your enterprise wants to integrate products and services onto big apps like Grab, Wechat, Alipay, Momo,… We can help you to do that and this will save time & resources in comparing with integrating by the inhouse team.

  • Support integrating apps developed by Native & React Native
  • Could reuse app modules to integrate with Super Apps

Agile Super App Model

AgileTech is building 02 Super Apps with huge customer ecosystems about Travel and Young adults (under 30). Integrating your app to our Super App will help you:

  • Accessing to millions of potential users in our ecosystems.
  • Tracking user\’s behaviors in each mini-app – Measuring marketing statistics.
  • The portal mini-center interface will manage all mini-app versions of each developer.

If you are interested in super app platform, please contact us directly via:
 [email protected]
📞Hotline: +84 936 281 059

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