5 Examples of Super Apps Successful Case [2022 Edition]

Imagine booking plane flights, finding hotel rooms, reserving dinner tables and pay for everything in ONE app? Well, super apps can do all of that plus more, and they\’re here to stay. As the name suggests, super apps provide a fulfilling experience without having to jump through different apps. They are convenient, smart and give you more than expectation.

But what exactly is an super app, what are their functionalities and trends for the future?

Find out more below where we give you an overview of the super app market and our analysis of top 5 successful super app cases.

What is Super App?

A super app is essentially a gateway to many services at once. A super app can include seemingly unrelated services, but under a super app \”umbrella\”, they create deep connections with each other, making users\’ lives much more easier. That is also why smartphone users are hooked to super apps.

Successful super apps can cover many aspects of a person\’s life.

How Super App helps businesses

Companies with super apps are gaining more revenue than ever. As mentioned, this is because customers prefer having everything they want in one app, and businesses can take advantage of this. Some of the biggest pros include:

  • Higher growth rate and revenue
  • Higher customer retention rate
  • Innovative ways to connect with existing customers
  • Encourage customers\’ willingness to try new services
  • Huge opportunities for investment

Due to these reasons, super apps are the most attractive projects at the moment. So, take a look at our compilation below. Here are top 5 successful super app cases for you to learn from!

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Successful Super App Cases – Updated for 2022

WeChat – The Chinese Messaging App

Established in China 10 years ago, WeChat is originally a text messaging platform. With the appearance of newer messaging apps, WeChat had to expand and successfully became one of the biggest super apps on Earth.

Beside the common use of texting, WeChat is now a commercial super app. WeChat has dozens of mini-services within itself. An average WeChat user can chat, livestream, buy meals and groceries, book a ride,… all in one app. Statistically, Chinese people spend over 4 hours a day on this single app.

As of 2022, this app has an incredible amount of 1 billion active users. WeChat is now a lifestyle, and we can expect its expansion to short-video sharing, TV broadcasting and online meetings in the next few years.

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Photo credit: China Channel


Similar to WeChat, this Vietnamese-based messaging app started small. The app caught on quickly because of its messaging speed and supportive features.

Now, the app has nearly 70 million active users in Vietnam, beating Facebook Messenger. HD image sharing and video calls are among its top features. But Zalo became a super app thanks to ZaloPay – where users can pay bills and transfer money. Recently ZaloPay allows users to transfer money right on the chat bar, and this is especially useful in occasions like Lunar New Year where people send virtual lucky money.

Zalo doesn\’t only include an e-wallet. During the last two years, people can use it as a social media platform, play games, buy groceries and even request community aid during COVID-19 through ZaloConnect.


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Shopee – Asia\’s biggest e-commerce site

Launched in 2015, Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. It offers a wide product list, supported by integrated payments and seamless fulfilment. 

Shopee\’s parent company (SEA) bought a leading food delivery provider and changed its name to Shopeefood in 2017, further its ambition to become a super app. Shopeefood was officially launched in several Southeast Asia countries in 2021, and has become the top 3 food delivery app in Vietnam.

In addition, we can see Shopee expand to e-wallet services with ShopeePay. Users can now pay for Shopee purchases and transfer money without switching to other e-wallet apps. All of this makes Shopee one of the leading super app cases in Southeast Asia.


Momo E-wallet

Momo is considered Vietnam\’s most successful e-wallet startup. It offers nationwide cash transfers, bill & personal loans payment, and various purchase services.

MoMo is the e-wallet that has the most active users (over 25 million), according to a report released by Appota. With growing customer data, this super app partners with big brands in Vietnam like Lotte Mart, Circle K, CGV Cinemas, The Coffee House,… MoMo has created a super app that meets all of daily necessities!

We can expect MoMo e-wallet to gain ~10 million new registered customers and thousands of businesses joining the ecosystem, bringing the total number of users of this wallet to 35 million in 2022.

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Snapchat – Top app for quick communication

Snapchat is famous for auto-disappearing photos and quick communication through images. Now with 229 million users, especially young people, the app is ambitious to become one of the first Western super apps. It has integrated mini-apps like Headspace, Flashcards, etc, and the number will be growing.

In 2022, users can at least expect a surge in Snapchat mini-services. This can include e-commerce services that let Snapchatters buy clothes, mobile top-ups and even concert tickets. Big brands are definitely interested and they are actively testing Snapchat\’s efficiency.


Global trends

Originated in China, super apps quickly spread to other Asian nations and especially SEA countries. Other famous apps are also integrating more services in a competition to gain market share.

Western companies do not want to lose the super app development race.

Because most super app cases are in Asia, U.S and Europe enterprises are trying to be regional pioneers. Other than Snapchat, many companies are also expanding.

Spotify, well-known for music streaming services, had integrated podcasts into its only app instead of developing a separate platform. Uber recently poured more money into UberEats, determined to become the leading food delivery provider on top of ride-sharing services. Surely, we can expect a swarm of Western super apps in the future.

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