Insurance App: Why Insurance Company Needs A Mobile App?

Nowadays, people prefer to spend most of their time on mobile. So, if you are running an insurance company, why don\’t you open up your channel strategies to meet the lifestyles of your potential customers? And what advantages can insurance apps provide for your business?

A mobile app for an insurance company is a must-have. Customers always want their requests for a claim process easier and faster. In fact, according to Future Mind, 40% of insurance research time is already being spent on mobile devices. On the other hand, people get used to buying almost everything on their smartphones. And there is no exception to the insurance category.

In our article, we are going to explain why you should develop an insurance app, and introduce the features, costs and tips to make an app for an insurance agent.

4 reasons why an insurance company needs a mobile app

Let’s see why customers are more than ready to use the insurance app! And what benefits will they get? Well, we will introduce 5 top advantages of insurance apps!

Effective communication

Thanks to the insurance mobile app, insurance companies can contact its clients faster and more efficiently, in a direct and responsive manner.

Moreover, you could communicate 24/7 with the customer by using chatbot integration services.

Simple process

Certainly, insurance app development is more simplified than ever since every single process is automatic.

For example, in case the accident happens, users take a picture then send it through the auto insurance app to demand coverage.

If there is a claim, clients are allowed to ask questions via live chat support, all done via a few clicks.

Convenient data storage

The number of people using mobile applications of insurance companies is growing rapidly.

Through profile information, you have more opportunities to collect, process resourceful data then thus offer and tailor the best insurance services.

Customer rise

Along with saving time, mobile insurance app can bring about a promising marketing opportunity by advertising your app in others’.

Types of mobile insurance apps

In this article, let\’s dive more into 4 different types of on-demand insurance app.

  • Car insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Homeowner insurance

As you can see, the type of mobile app will depend on which field your insurance company operates in. But the basic features in every insurance app are the same. We will guild you through the core features to better modify workflow as well as to provide services that meet expectations.

Let’s start!

Basic features for an insurance app

What attracts insurance app users? If you want to make a big move in the world of insurance, the right features always are the top priority.

Quick registration

When new users sign up, a profile should provide a range of fill-in information about the insured object or person.

If your company is about life or health insurance, it will show information about insured individuals like personal liability, medical payments to others and additional coverages.

If it\’s a car insurance app, automobile data will be displayed on the profile screen.

Live policy

Every physical document has more than 40 long pages which makes it difficult to understand. In this busy world, nobody has enough time to read long doc as well.

If you want to be a game-changer, a handy policy feature is a matter. Users can easily understand what is covered in insurance policies.

In other words, users can view their policies online, make changes, and file claims.

Push notification

Customers like to know how every process is going. So that, push notifications are the most effective way to keep them updated, then retain.

Seamless payment system

According to eMarketer, the global payment market will hit more than 1 billion in 2020. So that payment integration always plays as a winning feature in the app.

Clients don’t need to take another step and go to other financial apps to pay. By using a fully-integrated payment gateway, they can make a payment with few taps right after choosing an insurance policy.

AI chatbot

Maybe you don\’t know, the artificial intelligence-powered chatbot is trending for years. Instant chat can improve and speed up communication between the customer and the insurance agent.

For instance, ride-sharing app Uber allow drivers to more seamlessly communicate with riders via one-click chat.

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File a claim

In case an insured event occurs, filing a claim must be intuitive and easy. Especially when car accidents happen, users should be able to enter all necessary information efficiently.

Further more, your insurance app will be more convenient if they can take a photo, add some description or record an audio message.

Insurance app for employees

Apart from mobile insurance solutions, you can build app or progressive web app for your employees. Let’s take a look at features such insurance applications may solve for an insurance business.

  • Signup/login
  • Agent profiles
  • List of policies
  • Quotes
  • Notifications
  • History of all claims, resolved and in-process

The most important part is that agents can see a list of all their clients, along with detailed profiles. And all claims of clients also goes here including:

  • Information on claims
  • Library of documents
  • Communications with customers
  • eSignature capture

Admin panel

You need to monitor your employees, right? If you decide to make an insurance mobile app for your agents, you’ll need an admin panel for management with exclusive data of both agents and customers. If you make a web admin panel for employees, you can have your own admin profile with more permissions to manage agents, which others can’t access.

Notice: There’s a lot of sensitive data involved in buying and maintaining insurance. Hence, when you build a mobile insurance app, you need to invest in the latest security certificates and data protection.

How much does it cost to develop an insurance app?

The cost of app development depends on what you are trying to accomplish including different platforms like iOS or Android, the complexity of features or the partners that you choose to outsource.

Let’s see this formula of app development cost!

Estimated Time  x  Hourly Rate = Total App Development Cost

At AgileTech, we always recommend our clients with an estimated price upon your request. Then, we will first secure it with an NDA and then work closely to give you the best development guidance and support.

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