Telemedicine App: How To Build Doctor On-Demand App For Healthcare?

telemedicine app how to build doctor on demand app for healthcare agiletech

Telemedicine app like Doctor On Demand has been used successfully to improve patient access to medical care while reducing healthcare costs.

“Telehealth is an industry that’s full of promise. As a start, it can potentially bring medical care to people who would not otherwise have access to it.” – HealthIToutcomes

Moreover, the ongoing global crisis – COVID-19 pandemic forced healthcare to turn to alternative ways of providing healthcare. Then telemedicine app development is presenting itself as the ideal solution to hospitals and patients as well.

Then, according to Statista, the telemedicine market has grown significantly in recent years. It also shows that the market is expected to be valued at more than 175 billion U.S. dollars by 2026.

So that, this is the best time to embrace telemedicine apps and make it an integral part of the the healthcare system.

How does telemedicine app work?

Simply, telemedicine apps are bridging the gap between people, enabling everyone, especially symptomatic patients, to stay at home and connect with doctor online. Before we dive into the technical details, let’s check out the processes behind mobile telemedicine app.

  • Online video consultations – Instead of going to the hospital, patients can make a video conference with specialists. During an online appointment, patients share symptoms, get a consultation and receive a diagnosis.

For example, Doctor On Demand App offers consultations 24/7 and runs on various devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers. This telemedicine app enables quick face to face video chat with licensed mental doctor whether you have insurance or not. After that, your doctor will take your history and symptoms, perform an exam, and recommend treatment.

  • Treatment advice – This kind of apps offer relationship advice and productivity tips. Or, others aim to make psychiatric disorders easier to manage. If you are concerning about treatment plan, don’t hesitate to text messages with doctor.
  • Prescription management – The only thing users have to do is to apply for a recipe and wait to get drug prescriptions online. Then, they can come to the pharmacy with a printed prescription or simply show it on their devices.

Why TeleMedicine app is critical?

First of all, your health is the most important thing of your life. The more health you have, the more you will achieve in your day and life. Because of worldwide lockdown, the need of great in-home care network is higher than ever.

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When visiting the hospitals is unavailable option, telemedicine app supports the healthcare system, increase medical services efficiency and manage the visits and more patient health conditions from a distance.

In other words, on-demand service application like Uber provide better health service at lower costs and less time. Now, let’s find out what are advantages of telemedicine app development!

For patients


Nowadays, everyone prefer access everything from their mobile phone. And healthcare services are not the exception. The telemedicine mobile app brings patients and healthcare providers closer together. It also helps patients talk to doctors anytime, from anywhere.


No extra time is spent in waiting rooms and visiting a hospital to meet doctors. Right after the video call, patients can have treatment straight away. This consultations reduce treatment time and provide faster services.

Mobility medical record 

How to access to your own medical record effectively? With telemedicine solution, you are able to access medical results and share to other doctors for better treatment prescriptions.

For providers


According to Dr On Demand report, more than 20% of doctors and physicians work 60- 80 hour weeks. 32% said that they were less engaged with their patients. So that, using telemedicine app can help improve a balance between work and professional life. Doctors are able to receive more control about their working times as well as to connect to emergencies more effectively.

Increased revenue

After working hours at the hospital, doctors can give consultation through telemedicine app. Therefore, they will access with more patients and generate additional revenue.

Less operations

Due to many administrative tasks, doctors have to stay back to complete all the paperwork. As a result, they examine fewer patients. But with the help of telemedicine apps, there is no need to fill out different forms as well as internal documentation.

Essential features of telemedicine app development

As a technology partner with many customers, at AgileTech, we often receive requests how to build a fully-integrated medical app. That’s why we will give you all necessary elements to deliver convenient and cost-effective healthcare application. Let’s find out more details below!

For patients

User sign-in

When user logs in to your app, the first screen should be to create a profile. Here you can see the general information about the patient including name, date of birth, as well as medical test, appointment, record and documentation.

Tips: For more convenient, users can sign in via phone number, email or third-party pools like Facebook or Google. Then take a step to verify personal accounts via SMS.

Doctors search & filters

In the telemedicine platform, users can find all the information about doctors, their experience, contact details, etc. Additionally, they also can choose doctor based on rating, gender or nearest doctor available. This feature is one of the most important. By using search option, it give patients information to find specialists meets their need and schedule an appointment most suitable for them.

Tips: Integrate Google Maps via third-party API to locate patient location.

Video appointment

Video con-fencing is an essential feature of any telemedicine app. With this features, you can choose a doctor and connect with them through face-to-face video calls. Even when every user has a different internet connection, audio quality should be loud and clear.

Tips: Streaming protocols like RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) and WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) are great technologies.

Built-in chats

Another way of communication is built-in chats. Users can easily chat with doctor in real time. If patients have any questions concerning prescribed medications, they can text messages, give photos and files. The more convenient the chat system is, the better results you can give.

Tips: Twilio is a great platform for building live chats for applications.

Payment gateway

With the increase in online payments, you need to integrate payment gateway with the most popular solutions like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Braintree, AirPay, MoMo, etc. Besides, put your mind in security. Before choosing a custom payment service, you have to research a reliable system.

Tips: Follow every up-to-date data regulation and security protocol.

Ratings & reviews

Once patients has received consultation, they can leave reviews and tell about the experience and leave a review. If doctors don’t have great review, let’s ask them about how to improve the quality of service. This option provides patients to find better trustworthy physicians.

For doctors

Doctor sign-in

Here, each doctors should provide their name, contact information, photo and availability or not. A panel include history patients, drug prescriptions, and scheduled appointments is also important. The more data about their experience, the more reliable they become for clients.


Once the patients find the suitable medical professional, they can give health records and book an appointment via telemedicine app. It is easy for doctor to schedule their availability. In case patient want to place an appointment based on their schedules, they can leave a request for a doctor.

In-app messages

Mobile telemedicine app requires a two-sided communication. Doctors can also use voice-only calls and built-in chat options to communicate with patients. And patients can exchange prescriptions, reports, and x-rays, etc. But you need to pay attention to the secure of data. Because all the information belongs to patient is sensitive.

How to build telemedicine app?

Below are 5 steps to build telemedicine app at AgileTech:

1. Get an estimate

At this step, we will receive every details about your telemedicine software.

2. Create the project scope

After signing a NDA, our business analyst will create a product backlog with a precise description of app functionality and system logic. Then, depending on which market you want to focus, we will define exact target audience, identify the purpose of the app and plan the budget for telemedicine app, etc.

3. Clarify development stage

After that, this is the time for development team arranges app processes and sprints, and plans the deadlines.

4. Show the project’s demo

In order to release it to the market more quickly, this stage concentrate on delivering the first app version with core features. If you are satisfied with the results, we will develop the project further with the next versions.

5. Testing and launch app

After ensuring the high quality and performance of telehealth app, we will run the final product demo and give you all the project data. Finally, your doctor-on-demand app is ready in the app marketplace.

How much does the telemedicine app development cost

In fact, to find out the app development cost, we need to multiply the features that you want to focus on as well as the duration by the hourly rate of a software development company. Let’s see then cost of app development formula below.

Estimated Time x Hourly Rate = Total App Development Cost

Choosing Western Europe countries will cost you approximately $40-$60/ hour. While outsourcing from Southeast Asia country like Vietnam is little lower, which pay $15-$25/ hour with the same quality.

So that, it is essential to choose the right development company, who will help you make your food business ideas into reality.

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