Hire Flutter Developers: Interview Questions, Salaries & Requirements?

Recently, Flutter app development has been a buzz in technology-driven era. Because this framework allows developing an cross-platform app to save money, and scaling up current developers’ team. Sometimes, software development companies hire Flutter developers to power their clients project.

So, if your are a business owner, you may be wonder many questions such as:

  • How to hire Flutter developers when you don\’t have any technology knowledge?
  • What are some Flutter interview questions?
  • What skills does a Flutter developer need?
  • Additionally, how much does it cost to hire Flutter developers? (Flutter programmer salary based on different countries)

Shall we start now?

How To Hire Flutter Developers For Your Next Project?

Ahead of everything, the cross-platform app development enables quick and easy creation of iOS and Android apps just from a single codebase. Therefore, more and more brilliant app ideas are launched in the market faster with less capital.

Over the past few years, React Native has been the leading choice for cross platform development. Now, Flutter is step-by-step dominating app development market.

In comparison, Flutter makes the right choice to bring the best possible, rapid, and beautiful development solution.

According to Statista, React Native is the most popular cross-platform mobile framwork used by global developers with 42 percent. Meanwhile, the number of developers using Flutter increased from 30% to 39% over the last year.

Flutter vs React Native: Which Is The Best Development Trend In 2020?

Let\’s go…

Before hiring Flutter developers, what should you prepare?

It\’s such a difficult task to hire Flutter developers for a project. Especially when you don\’t have any tech expertise to hold the interviews.

So, how to hire Flutter developers and not fail?

Firstly, before searching for developers, you should have clearly goals and requirements for your project. Next, do a market research, user research and detailed feature list to guarantee the vision of your future product.

Nevertheless, not every custom software company can provide you Flutter developers that best fit your project. Hence, we\’ll give you some must-have tips for hiring Flutter developers:

  • View previous Flutter development app that company has built.
  • Look for verified reviews, client testimonials and case studies.
  • How they communicate with team and clients.
  • And, it\’s important to remember that you should hire Flutter developers that be ready to encourage collaboration with a clear vision.

And there are many other options when partnering with the right outsourcing team. To help you out, you should offer the Project Estimation before making decision.

Let\’s get a closer look.

Hire Flutter developers: Experience levels, Skills and Responsibilities

Roles of Flutter App Developers

Before getting into Flutter developers\’ responsibilities and skills, let\’s clarify three levels of mobile app developers: Junior, Middle and Senior.

Junior developers
  • Fresher which have 1-2 years experience called Junior.
  • At this level, developers know limited tools and programming languages (mostly one).
  • Besides, these developers need help from seniors or mentors to experience more.
  • So, if you want to hire junior Flutter developers, they will take more time to work and bridge their knowledge gap at the same time.
Intermediate or Senior developers
  • Developers who have worked for above 2-4 years, honored as senior developers.
  • As a result, such developers experienced many projects. So that, they can give you the most suitable tech stack and budget limitations to build product.
  • Not only that, they also tend to resolve tech issues faster.
Which level should you choose to hire?

The answer depends on your project requirements. But one thing you should notice that, Flutter is the new programming language. Thus, there aren\’t many Flutter developers in the market. Don\’t worry!

At the beginning, leverage their skills in native app development. For example, their experience in developing iOS or Android platform will help them adopt Flutter more quickly. In addition, they have to understand the fundamentals of Flutter framework and how to implant it into mobile systems.

Due to lack of experience, hiring junior Flutter developers can make time development longer. Meanwhile, Flutter developers with extensive experience tend to fulfill task faster and more flexible customization.

Hence, when you decide to hire Flutter developers, take into account that it\’s crucial to find experts with high experience in Flutter development.

Here are some requirements for you when considering to hire Flutter developers:

  • Have experience in native or cross platform mobile app.
  • 3+ years in mobile software development.
  • Experience in Java, Kotlin, Objective-C or React Native.
  • Knowledge of Flutter SDK, Android studio, etc.
  • Understanding of Agile software development life cycle.
  • Experience with Git, Jira, and Jenkins.
  • Intermediate English skill.

Moreover, you should notice about their communication skills, constant good at problem-solving, and understand both technical and business requirements of your product.

Responsibilities of Flutter app developers

Flutter app development have a responsibility to develop both iOS and Android version platform at the same time.

To give you a hint, here are top 5 responsible for Flutter developers to consider:

  • Designing and developing app
  • Reusable coding
  • Participating in project cycle
  • Bugs fixing
  • Be updated
Designing and developing app

As we said before, Flutter framework is full of beautiful widgets. So that, when you hire Flutter developers, they should be able to design and develop cross-platform applications.

Readable coding

In fact, clean code help scale app faster when required. Flutter developers should know how to use Dart language to write code in Flutter.

Participating in project cycle

In app development life cycle, Flutter app development should cooperate with team members to achieve the best results such as UI/UX designers, QA engineers, Project Managers, and others.

Bugs fixing

If any problems happen when testing, QA engineers will perform them to developers. Then, it comes to developers to fix it as soon as possible.

Be updated

The technology industry is continuously evolving. More and more technologies, trends, and tools are coming. Therefore, when you hire Flutter developers, you should find their learning enthusiastic as well as opportunities about constantly updating Framework and other tools knowledge.

Interview Questions To Hire Flutter Developers

When start hiring developers, you will need both hard skills and soft skills. Hard skill stands for technical knowledge and experience. Besides, soft skill helps developers communicate better to coworkers.

There are some set of interview questions to hire Flutter app developers.

For hard skill:

  • Can you tell me about your experience in mobile app development?
  • Let tell me about Flutter app project that you\’ve done before.
  • What\’s your experience in Dart programming language?
  • What\’s the difference between Flutter and React Native?
  • Can you tell me more about list of state management approaches?

For soft skill:

  • When you were facing issues, how did you solve it?
  • When you allow to do something that never done before, how did you handle it?

Where To Hire Flutter Developers?

Next, how to hire a skilled and talented cross-platform developers for a reasonable budget? Let’s proceed to hiring options.

Basically, the IT market provides three opportunities to hire employees:

  • Freelancer developers
  • In-house team
  • Outsourcing companies

Neverthless, each option has positive and negative reasons to choose. Let\’s begin!

Freelance Flutter Developers

Freelance for hire is perfect match for minor tasks or software update. So, if you are looking for long-term cooperation, hiring freelance Flutter developers isn\’t a good idea. Because they can fix bugs, testing, integrate APIs, etc. But when it comes to complicated tasks, how will they do?


  • There are many trusted platforms to find freelancers.
  • In comparison of others, such developers tend to cost less.
  • You don\’t have to pay tax for them, just for the tasks that they\’ve done.
  • Especially, you can hire specialized developers for specific task.


  • If you aren\’t a tech-savvy, it\’s hard to examine all the tasks.
  • Because of working remotely, there isn\’t no one to guarantee project deadline.
  • Sometimes, language barrier and different time zone can make you hard to communicate.

If you’re interested in freelance programmers for hire, here are some platforms where they offer their services:

Hire In-house team for Flutter app

In large company, in-house team have to maintain software and create new products. So that, they can communicate with team members easier. On the top of that, in-house Flutter team let you customize the development process, which will enhance product effectively. Moreover, when your app is launched, the whole team can keep improving and updating.

However, in case of Flutter development, it may be quite expensive and time-consuming to hire a stable team. There are a lot of additional expenses such as buying hardware, purchasing taxes, etc. Furthermore, hiring high-skilled developers is always time-consuming. In comparison to freelancers or developers from outsourcing companies, a reliable team usually get a bigger salary.

Platforms to hire:

Hire Flutter developers from Outsourcing software companies

Basically, outsourcing software is to hire a third party software contractor to do technology-related work. With that being stated, outsourcing will help businesses minimize costs, enhance customer service and maintain product quality in an effective manner. It also focuses on your core competencies given a limited budget.

Therefore, the company from top countries for outsourcing like Ukraine, India or Southeast Asia will develop your project. Then, their Project manager will keep you posted about the situation.


  • Outsourcing software development companies come with experience in different industries.
  • Dedicated team members work together, so don\’t need to worry about communication between them.
  • No need to concern about time-to-market because the company ensures the project delivery in contract.
  • The cost of hiring Flutter developers from outsourcing vendors is different.


  • The language barrier may occur if developers is from different countries. But it can overcome with project managers with strong communication.
  • If you are from different time zones, sometimes you have to plan for call or team meeting.

In case you don\’t know how to find a reliable technology partner, here are some tips for you:


Platforms to hire:

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Flutter Developers In 2020?

Flutter developers\’ salary can vary which depends on different countries. On the top of that, the hourly rate varies due to three factors – type of developer (freelancers, in-house teams, or outsourcing companies), level of experience (junior, middle, senior), and regions.

In fact, there are not many Flutter app developers to analyze their salary. But in terms of salary, mobile app developers are similar. Therefore, in the table below, we will discuss about the cost to hire Flutter developers in 2020.

RegionFreelance developersOutsourced developers
Eastern Europe$60-80$25-50
Latin America$60-80$30-50

Why Should Hire Flutter Developers At AgileTech?


Moreover, according to Coursera Global Skills Index 2020, Vietnam ranks 22nd in global technology skills and 2nd in Asia Pacific countries as well.


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