AgileBlockchain becomes a technical partner of DareNFT

On July 31, 2021, DareNFT officially signed to become the blockchain-focused technical partner of AgileBlockchain.


Under the agreement, AgileBlockchain and DareNFT define a technical partnership focused on blockchain technology. Accordingly, AgileBlockchain will offer the most optimal solutions that can be applied to the main features of DareNFT’s platform. With strong experience and resources in blockchain technology, AgileBlockchain is confident to bring special innovation to DareNFT’s products. Besides, DareNFT decentralized application ecosystems revolutionized as the world’s first 2.0 will present as proof for the strong capability of AgileBlockChain, including its product development talents, and resources.

AgileBlockChain’s CEO, Harry Nguyen, is very excited to share this collaboration with DareNFT  “This cooperation with DareNFT, a potential company providing comprehensive blockchain solutions, will bring more value to our customers and partners. Combining our own strength and the deployment of blockchain technology with DareNFT complete ecosystem — the world’s first NFT2.0 model, AgileBlockChain is expecting to reach new heights, marking itself in the global market”

In the meantime, Duke Nguyen, CEO of DareNFT, has a great expectation for a new partner: “I’m excited about the collaboration opportunities between DareNFT and AgileBlockChain. Taking AgileBlockChain’s resources and expertise to an advantage, DareNFT could sustain its development and confidently reach further in the innovative, fast-growing blockchain market. The relationship with AgileBlockChain helps us expand our network and open a window for DareNFT to significantly enlarge its impact in the shared market. The partnership with AgileBlockChain is expected to create a breakthrough in the mainstream blockchain market”

Cooperating with a duo of mutual benefits to bring the best values, we are committed to creating quality products for users to have the best experience. Stay tuned for our products!

About DareNFT

DareNFT is the world’s first platform for ‘NFT 2.0 for Internet content’ — derivative content NFT. We revolutionize the NFT sector with the definition of NFT 2.0 in which rental and subscription models are applied in NFTs. With the DareNFT platform, a song, a book, or a painting can be all tokenized in the form of NFTs and the right of using them to remix, translate, or reproducing respectively can be shared from creators to renters and subscribers. DareNFT is a fair platform that will protect the intellectual rights of NFTs while allowing for a user rights sharing and revenue stream sharing model among all stakeholders.

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